‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak’s Dad Jokes Are Nonstop in Preview of Tonight’s Episode

by Jonathan Howard

After all of these years, Pat Sajak’s dad jokes are as much a part of Wheel of Fortune as the wheel itself. He never passes up an opportunity.

Ahead of the holiday episodes coming up, the Instagram page for the show shared a video. It is a small compilation of Sajak cracking his jokes to the delight of some and the exasperation of others. Contestants can’t get enough of it and neither can fans at the end of the day.

So check out this video and get your daily dose of Wheel of Fortune jokes and wisecracks.

“It’s going to be a holly, jolly episode tonight,” the caption for the video said. Of course, that means our beloved host is going to be at his peak. It seems that he is in the holiday spirit and ready to spread that joy to everyone on the show and at home.

This Christmas season, Wheel of Fortune is really getting into the festivities. Maggie Sajak is taking on a new role and interviewed a recent winner. They also got a big surprise.

Maggie Sajak Gives Out First Secret Santa of the Season

Not only did contestant Shannon get to win the show and some money, but she also had another surprise. She was interviewed by Maggie and the video posted to Instagram. The show is doing something special this year and doing a Secret Santa Giveaway to certain contestants this season.

Basically, the amount of money that Shannon won for herself was given to a fan at home as well. Whoever matched their SPIN ID up to the winning number is the winner. She was so thankful to be able to win some money for someone else in the spirit of giving.

This is going to be a fun and interesting season of Wheel of Fortune. The show does a great job interacting with fans and allowing them to participate in giveaways and other activities. With the Secret Santa Giveaway, there is even more reason to watch the show than before.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Shannon Takes the Express Train to Big Money

Last night during Shannon’s game she took a big risk. It ended up paying off for the Wheel of Fortune winner. When a player lands on the Express card, they can take a chance at solving the puzzle on their own. Each letter guessed correctly is $1000. However, it is easy to go bankrupt with just one wrong letter.

After picking away at the board, she was racking up the cash. Shannon blew through the puzzle and was able to solve it in the end. She came away with $10k more on her score. That helped her and her Secret Santa out.