‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak’s Daughter Maggie Dazzles in New Year’s Post

by Megan Molseed

Maggie Sajak was looking stunning and absolutely dreamy in her recent New Years’ Eve Instagram post. In her December 31 message to her Instagram followers the daughter of Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak looks all ready to ring in the new year, well, after a little bit of a power nap it seems!

“Wake me up before midnight,” the Wheel of Fortune social correspondent says in her Friday afternoon Insta post.

Maggie Sajak then adds a clock emoji with a couple of z’s showing her fans that she is ready for a quick snooze before the big 2022 countdown.

The Insta pic, Sajak adds to her New Years’ Eve message is certainly a lovely one. Not an unusual thing for the Wheel of Fortune star, though; that’s for sure!

In the photo, Maggie Sajak sits on a sofa with a wistful smile on her face. The Wheel star’s long blonde hair is styled in beachy waves, cascading over her shoulders in a stunning New Years’ Eve relaxed look.

Her pose and hairstyle may give off a natural and wistful vibe, however, the outfit she is donning is nothing short of glamourous – and stunning.

As she prepares to welcome the new year, Maggie Sajak sits in a beautiful blue sparkly sleeveless dress. Certainly ready to celebrate 2022! Well, after the snooze, of course!

Maggie Sajak has been a pivotal part of the Wheel of Fortune legacy for several years.

Growing up, she would often join her father, longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak on the set.

Recently, Maggie Sajak has been a regular familiar face for Wheel of Fortune audiences as she would regularly give fans of the word-solving games show some unique behind-the-scenes glimpses “behind the Wheel.”

However, the Wheel of Fortune star has only recently received her official title as the long-running game show’s official social correspondent.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Names Social Correspondent

“You may already know her,” notes a December 20 Wheel of Fortune Twitter post shortly after the big announcement.

“but Pat and Vanna formally introduced Wheel’s Social Correspondent, @MaggieSajak!” the popular game show continues in the pre-Christmas Tweet.

In the video, longtime Wheel of Fortune star, and cohost, Vanna White first introduces Maggie Sajak in her new position.

“I’d like to introduce Wheel’s social correspondent,” Vanna White says in the December 20 Twitter video.

“Maggie Sajak,” exclaims White as Maggie’s father, Wheel host Pat Sajak happily cheers.

“What a great job you’re doing!” Vanna White exclaims while talking to Maggie.

“Oh, thank you,” the newest social correspondent responds.

“Are you enjoying this so far,” Pat Sajak asks his daughter.

“I’m loving this,” she responds in the video.

The trio goes on to discuss how Maggie Sajak has long been a big part of the Wheel’s behind-the-scenes happenings, so her new role seems to be a perfect fit.

“I was lucky enough to grow up around this wonderful set and all these wonderful people!” Sajak exclaims.

“So, I feel honored to be able to share a little bit of inside scoop with all the loyal Wheel watchers at home,” the Wheel of Fortune star adds.