‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Makes Followers Heads Spin with Explanation of MLB Playoffs

by Leanne Stahulak

If you didn’t already know, “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak happens to be a huge baseball fan. He loves attending MLB games and keeping up with scores and standings.

But even an experienced baseball fan like Sajak is struggling to understand what exactly is going on with the American League playoff situation. The host took to Twitter to make a jab at the complex set-up, confusing Wheel Watchers who have no idea what’s going on with the MLB playoffs.

“Here’s @MLB playoff breakdown for AL: If a 3-way tie for 2nd WC among SEA, BOS & TOR, then BOS/TOR to SEA if TOR is FYI so that BOS is PDQ. If tie is among SEA, NY & TOR, situation reversed. Send SASE to PO Box 21. Your mileage may vary. See label for possible side effects. RSVP,” Sajak tweeted earlier today.

Sorry, what? Could you repeat that? Or include a translation sheet for reference? The “Wheel of Fortune” host indicated how crazy and funny the whole set-up sounded by adding in the last few lines with other random jargon. But honestly, they all sound the same when you read them all the way through.

For those who are curious: What Sajak’s referring to are the two wildcard positions open in the American League for two teams to compete in the playoffs. As it stands, the Seattle Mariners, Boston RedSox, New York Yankees, and Toronto Blue Jays will battle it out this week for those two spots. But, depending on who wins or loses certain games, those four teams could end up in a two-way, three-way, or four-way tie. If you want to see the specific breakdown, ESPN laid it all out here.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Shows Us The Friendship We Never Knew We Needed

When he’s not hanging out at baseball games or analyzing MLB stats, Sajak’s on the set of “Wheel of Fortune,” interacting with contestants. And this fall, he’s also hanging out with some top-tier stars in the primetime show “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.”

One of the stars competing on this week’s show is none other than rapper Vanilla Ice. You might know him best for his iconic song, “Ice, Ice Baby.” But did you know that he and Pat Sajak really hit it off on set?

The official “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” Twitter account posted an amazing video of the two interacting together while filming the show.

“Ladies and gentleman, the lovely, the charming, the talented Vanilla Ice is here!” Sajak announced in the video. “You know, I was hoping I could sound really hip and call you something. ‘Hey Van,’ or something, ‘VI.'”

“I respond either way,” Vanilla Ice told him.

“And you said call me Rob,” Sajak continued.

“Well yeah, when you say Vanilla Ice I might have to dance or something,” Vanilla Ice said with a laugh. “I feel like I gotta step up to it, you know?”

See the video for yourself in the tweet below.