‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Makes Hilarious Demand After Contestant’s Big Solve

by John Jamison

Pat Sajak is a married man, Chaz. The audacity of some of these Wheel of Fortune contestants. Sajak had to put his foot down recently after a contestant solved a puzzle. Said contestant is an enlisted sailor too.

When it comes to solving puzzles on Wheel of Fortune, anything goes. As long as you get the pronunciation out perfectly, you’re welcome to employ almost any strategy you’d like. Buy as many vowels as you see fit. But c’mon, Chaz. Seducing the iconic host is a step too far. No matter how dashing the 75-year old looks.

The puzzle was in the “80’s song lyrics” category, and sailor Chaz had the board pretty much locked up. The only thing left for him to do was solve. So that’s what he did.

“You Dropped a Bomb On Me Baby,” Chaz said. Of course, his answer was correct, and he earned the coveted “That’s it!” from the iconic Wheel of Fortune host. But what came next is enough to make anyone chuckle, dad joke or not.

“And how many times have I told you, Chaz? Do not call me baby!” Sajak continued. The joke was enough to make Chaz blush. And it reminded at least one fan why the tag team of Vanna White and Pat Sajak is the best in the biz.

You Don’t Need to Call Pat “Baby” to Become a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant, But a Sense of Humor Might Help

The Wheel of Fortune contestant finding algorithm is a seemingly mysterious creature. Take someone like Chaz. He’s not necessarily better at solving puzzles than any of you out there. Sure, he’s a sailor—being an active duty service member probably doesn’t your chances.

But pay attention to what Chaz is doing nearly the entire time he’s on that stage. He’s smiling. Wheel of Fortune isn’t in the market for no-nonsense contestants who are just flying through puzzles showing no emotion.

“The trick is, just treat it as a fun experience and, you know, it doesn’t hurt to watch a show occasionally because there are strategies involved,” said Pat Sajak.

And don’t just take it from the iconic host. Take it from a lifelong fan who’s been through the audition process three times now. Chris Newman, who finally made it onto the show recently, told The Post Bulletin that he analyzed what went wrong during his first audition. The conclusion? He didn’t smile enough.

So there you have it. If you want to share the stage with Pat and Vanna, be a fan and remember to smile. And whatever you do, do not call Pat Sajak “baby.”