‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Announces Hysterical Rule Change ‘Due To Supply Chain Issues’

by Megan Molseed

It’s certainly the season of spending for many people as the holidays approach. And, shoppers around the nation know that some things are in high demand – while also finding many things are in short supply. Now, Wheel of Fortune’s longtime host, Pat Sajak has taken to Twitter to announce a hilarious ‘rule change’ to the long-running game show, joking about limits on the one thing the Wheel showrunners are not giving away: vowels.

“Due to supply chain issues, Wheel of Fortune players will be limited to three vowel purchases per show until further notice,” Pat Sajak jokes in a recent Twitter post.

Each time a contestant wants to add a vowel to the letter-board while solving a puzzle, it costs them a cool $250.

Sometimes a player has to spend a good chunk of their cash adding these particular letters to the puzzle before they can solve it. Other times, the player skates by with very few purchases. Either way, we know the vowels aren’t limited, right?

Of course not! We all know vowels are only limited when the Wheel of Fortune player doesn’t have enough cash to purchase whatever A, E, I, O, or U they want to add to the famous Wheel of Fortune puzzle board. But three vowels are often enough for the players on the popular games show to make their final guess to solve the puzzle. Some have even done it with less!

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Adds A New Daring Wedge To the Iconic Wheel

In fact, the long-running puzzle game has added a component to the game that removes the need to purchase vowels altogether. And, Wheel of Fortune contestants are loving it!

New this season is a wedge called the Express wedge. When the iconic Wheel of Fortune wheel lands on the new Express Wedge, contestants are then allowed to call both vowels and consonants.

And, as long as the Wheel of Fortune players guess a correct letter, they can continue with this new mode of play. However, if they miss, they go bankrupt. Of course, competitors can choose whether or not they want to utilize the Express Wedge option. Recently one Wheel of Fortune player decided to go for the Express play with some pretty amazing results!

In a recent episode of the wildly popular game show, one contestant’s wheel spin landed on the Express wedge. And, she decided to take the chance. The move paid off for her, as the contestant solved the puzzle winning some amazing prizes.

Taking the Chance!

“Liana, wait … LANESSA will be GAZING AT THE SCENERY on the beautiful island of Antigua!” exclaims the post on the Wheel of Fortune Instagram page sharing the winning moment.

In about a minute, Lanessa solves the puzzle. This brings her winnings up from $2,000 to an impressive $7,000. The Wheel of Fortune player also scored a tropical vacation to the island of Antigua for her impressive solve!