‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Recalls Incredible Chance Meeting With Dolly Parton

by Hannah Heser

Pat Sajak, Wheel of Fortune’s legendary host, thinks back on meeting Dolly Parton for the first time.

A few years ago, Sajak took a job in Nashville, Tennessee until he got another offer in Los Angeles, California. While on the flight to L.A., he got to moved from coach to first class and you’ll never believe who sat right beside him. That’s right, Dolly Parton herself.

He told Vanna White that Dolly is such a sweetheart and he knew that this job was going to be great. He was right.

But Pat Sajak isn’t the only one on the show that loves Dolly. That’s right, Vanna White revealed that her biggest inspiration growing up was Dolly.

The Pat Sajak Show With Dolly Parton

Before taking on “Wheel of Fortune” with Vanna White, Pat Sajak had his own show. As soon as he met Parton while moving out to L.A., he asked her to be on one of his shows.

On April 19, 1989, Dolly Parton appeared on Sajak’s show. During that time, she was promoting her album, “White Limozeen” and his show helped her do just that.

Sajak’s co-star on his show, Dan Miller, both knew Dolly from working in Nashville years before this show.

Vanna White Reveals That She Really Loves Her Job

Back when “Wheel of Fortune” first began, she had to actually turn the letters. But years later, the show decided to change everything to electronic. And that made her job a lot easier.

According to glamour.com, White has worn more than 7,000 gowns on the show. As a celebrity, they always strive to impress the audience by never wearing the same outfit. And White never did.

They also reported White making it into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most frequent claps. They said she averaged almost 600 claps per episode. Her hands were probably throbbing by the end of each show.