‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Will ‘Ruminate’ on Celebrities and Their Views

by Michael Freeman

Whether you like it or hate it, everyone has an opinion, and many like telling others about it. If you follow Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak on his social media platforms, you’ll know he is no different. However, he recently posted a thought he had about celebrities and their opinions, saying he will “ruminate” on the concept.

Pat Sajak seems to have been in a pensive mood last night, as that’s when he posted his own opinion about opinions. Specifically, he brought up celebrities and people taking so much stock in what they think. Letting his thought loose on Twitter, it has garnered interesting responses.

“I don’t know which is stranger: the fact that there are celebrities who believe their views are especially important, or the fact that a lot of their fans actually believe that, too. I shall ruminate,” Sajak tweeted.

The tweet’s replies are mixed, though most seem to get the inherent sarcasm Sajak is exuding. “I actually believe that only @patsajak’s views are especially important, someone replied. Another told him “Johnny Carson was right, your very funny! Love your outlook on things in general, much rather laugh and smile than listen to the news ! Lol.”

Even still, one follower posted an interesting opinion of their own, complete with a form of the “mind blown” gif. “And here I am, reading the tweet of a famous TV celeb because I like the cut of his job and wondering what’s on his mind,” they wrote.

Perhaps these comments will give Pat Sajak additional content to ruminate about. Then again, since he’s a celebrity, why should we care about his views or think they are important? I need more coffee.

Pat Sajak Offers Wise ‘Christmas Message’ to Anyone Planning to Steal

Besides posting philosophical questions and engaging fans, Sajak often offers sage advice through social media. For holiday shoppers or thieves, in this case, he gave a special Christmas message to those planning to steal.

As per usual, Sajak spread his words of wisdom via Twitter a few days ago. In this case, Sajak enlightens people about the law and if you’re planning a theft this holiday season, how to do it right. Well, in California, anyway.

“A Christmas message to my fellow Californians: If you plan to steal merchandise, please keep it under $950,” he wrote. “This way, it’s a misdemeanor, and you’ll be less likely to be prosecuted. More importantly, there will be more left for others to steal. Remember, Christmas is for sharing.”

Sajak truly is getting into the Christmas spirit. This is indeed the time for sharing and luckily, it doesn’t mean sharing an extensive amount of jail time. Just remember to keep it under $950.