‘Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Shares ‘Important’ Way He’s Trying to Show Gratitude

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by GP/Star Max/GC Images)

Though Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak often takes to social media in a joking manner, he also frequently drops wisdom and good things you can do for others. A recent tweet of his was the latter, with him sharing an “important” way he uses to show gratitude to others.

There’s a multitude of ways one can show they’re grateful to someone for a deed they’ve done. Whether it’s something as simple as opening a door for you, it pays to give them a thank you. According to Sajak, however, you can beyond the usual “thank you” to really show you’re grateful. He posted his advice to Twitter and it’s definitely worth a read, even if it’s something you avidly practice yourself.

“I’ve always tried to do this, but I think it’s even more important these days: If someone goes out of his or her way to help you or to provide particularly friendly service, you should not only thank the person, but find a way to let someone else know (manager, owner, etc.),” he tweeted.

As one might expect, it’s unanimous among Sajak’s followers to follow his advice. “I agree 100%, Pat. I’ve done that many times. I know that I would have appreciated to hear compliments about me from my director, instead of just when I’d done something ‘wrong,'” one fan replied.

Others chimed in with their own thoughts. “I totally agree, I always try to let the powers that be know how one their own is doing a great job,” one user stated. Another mentioned those in fast food, saying “Tip the Fast Food worker who makes minimum wage but is always terrific! They’re humans too!”

On a personal note, it can completely make someone’s day when you do this too, so it truly is worth it.

Pat Sajak Humorously Wonders if Social Media Should go by a Different Name

Though Pat Sajak posted kindly advice on his social media platforms, he recently wondered if the moniker “social media” is appropriate.

If you follow Pat Sajak, you know he often posts witty remarks about pretty much anything you can think of. It appears his time online may be wearing on him though. “After perusing some of the online anger, vitriol, insults, accusations and name-calling, I wonder if it isn’t time to change the term to ‘antisocial media.'”

A few people replying disagree, but the vast majority concur with Sajak. One user noted social media only helps people be tough online. “Social media definitely does not improve any social skills. Just makes everyone feel safe enough to be a tough guy behind a screen,” they said.

Social media isn’t all bad, at least. Our Twitter is pretty fun if I do say so myself.