‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak and Vanna White ‘Formally’ Introduce Maggie Sajak as Social Correspondent

by Jonathan Howard

For many folks at home, Wheel of Fortune is a family affair. And now on set, the show is officially a family affair as well with Maggie Sajak as the social correspondent.

Now, it has been a while since Maggie has been working with the show. However, Pat and Vanna took time during the closer tonight to formally and officially welcome her as a member of the team.

Those that keep up with Wheel of Fortune here on Outsider have already seen her work. Interviews, special videos, and more. It has been interesting how the show has added her to the program over the last couple of years. You know that Pat is a proud dad watching his daughter take on bigger roles throughout her time with the show.

Check out the tweet below and see the scene for yourself.

Maggie has been an important part of the show. Let’s be honest, Wheel of Fortune is a great show. Many generations of fans enjoy the show week after week. However, it has not had a great social media presence until recently.

With Maggie as the social correspondent, the show can do more videos and projects on the side just for the internet. Behind-the-scenes interviews, talking to winning contestants, and more. Even before she took on this role on the show, she played a big part in keeping it going while her dad was sick.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ How Vanna White Trained Maggie Sajak

Back in 2019, when Maggie was doing more of an entry-level role on the show, she was thrust into the spotlight. Her dad, Pat, had to go to the hospital for emergency surgery. So, the show was faced with a dilemma. Either wait for the longtime Wheel of Fortune host to heal up, or continue on with the show.

Over the years, it has been the same format and the same two hosts on the show. Pat takes care of things up at the wheel with contestants, and Vanna handles the board. Turning letters, looking elegant, and offering commentary when needed. However, during the time on the show, Vanna has picked up some tricks by watching Pat do his thing.

When the show had to move on without Pat for a time, it was clear who would replace him. Vanna. However, it was not clear who would replace her at the big board. The show producers knew just what to do. They got Maggie to fill in and she did great!

The night before the big first day, White showed up at Maggie’s house and gave her a crash course on the job. They spent a couple of hours going over things and the training really paid off. Wheel of Fortune might just stay in the Sajak family.