‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak’s Daughter Wishes Him Happy Birthday With Heartwarming New Pic

by Thad Mitchell

Longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is celebrating 75 years on earth today (Tuesday) and many are wishing him a happy birthday.

Among those wishing the “Wheel of Fortune” host a happy 75th birthday is his daughter, Maggie Sajak. The younger Sajak works with her father on the show as the “Wheel of Fortune” social media correspondent. Her duties are mostly behind the scenes but she has been known to make an appearance from time to time. Her job includes keeping up with social media trends and engaging the large “Wheel of Fortune” fan base.

Already having a fondness for social media, Maggie Sajak is a natural in her role. The added bonus is that she gets to see her father most every day. Earlier today, she wished her game show hosting father the happiest birthday and includes a wonderful photo.

“He’s the host with the most, and I am glad he’s my dad,” she says in the Instagram post. “Happy Birthday!”

A very sweet message from a daughter to her father. Several other “Wheel of Fortune” fans also took the opportunity to wish their favorite game show host a happy 75th birthday.

“I hope you have the best of birthdays, Pat,” one fan writes. “You have a beautiful daughter and family and I know you are proud of them. We never miss an episode of ‘Wheel of fortune’ it is our favorite game show!”

“Happy Birthday Pat Sajak,” another social media user writes in the comments section of the post. “One of my favorite people that I don’t really know.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Celebrates His Birthday

Pat Sajak has been the host of the ever-popular game show for nearly four decades. He started off with the show all the way back in 1981. Earlier today, Pat Sajak took to social media to jokingly declare that is contemplating a run for president after he retires from “Wheel of Fortune.

“Now that I’ve reached 75, and with retirement a couple of years off, I’ll be the perfect age for a presidential run,” he says in his Twitter post. “Or a wood carving career. Haven’t made up my mind yet.”

The funny thing is that Sajak might actually get a few votes if he were to run for president.

For now though, he intends on remaining the host of “Wheel of Fortune” for the foreseeable future. He has a nice gig and he gets to see his daughter frequently.

Pat Sajak and his longtime cohort Vanna White made news a few weeks ago, announcing they have signed on to stay with “Wheel of Fortune” through 2024. Fans of the show couldn’t be happier to see them continue on with the show they love.