‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Pat Sajak Lists What He Considers Most Under-Appreciated Inventions

by Jennifer Shea

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is taking a moment to appreciate the everyday inventions we take for granted. On Friday, he tweeted his list of favorite inventions and encouraged his followers to add theirs.

“What are some of the most clever, but under-appreciated, inventions?” Sajak posted. “I’ll start with the stapler, the revolving door and the pop-up tissue dispenser.”

Sajak’s Fans Come Through with Their Under-Appreciated Inventions

Sajak’s fans quickly joined the discussion, tossing out their nominations for most underappreciated inventions. And they came up with some good ones.

“Fanny pack,” supplied one not particularly a fashion-conscious fan.

“Tupperware tops,” another suggested (prompting a different fan to point out, “They would be nothing, NOTHING, without Tupperware bottoms”).

“Twist off bear bottles,” tweeted yet another.

The list of nominations was long and also included the plastic things on shoelaces, vaccines, pencils, toilets, coffee makers, and staple removers. At the end of the day, Sajak just let his fans go off without intervening to pick winners. And it was probably better that way, with fans chiming in for hours after Sajak’s original tweet.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Whiffs Despite Sajak’s Help

“Wheel of Fortune” fans are groaning after a contestant recently narrowly missed answering a puzzle correctly. This despite Sajak offering a subtle nudge to help her.

On a recent episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” contestant Sharon Bowers ignored the rule that you can’t add extra words when solving a puzzle – not even “and” – and it cost her big-time.

The puzzle clue was, “What a princess!,” per Good Housekeeping. The answer? “Crown, wand, gown, earring.”

But Sajak knew that it would be tempting to add an “and” in there. So before Bowers went to solve it, he said, “Just say everything, don’t add anything. Go ahead.”

To the dismay of “Wheel of Fortune” fans everywhere, Bowers then tried twice to solve the puzzle, accidentally adding an “and” both times. So the turn went to the next contestant Jamie Amos. And he solved it successfully.

Some fans turned to social media to blast the rule itself and “Wheel of Fortune” for being such sticklers about it. They wondered why it had to be such a big deal if someone added an “and” and whether it might make sense to give people a pass on adding that word, at least.

But so far, “Wheel of Fortune” is sticking by the rule, maintaining that contestants must guess the exact puzzle with no added words to get the prize. And that’s tough luck for contestants who fail to heed Sajak’s hints.