‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Reveals How She’s Able to Wear High Heels All Day

by John Jamison

Vanna White is definitely up there in terms of hours spent wearing high heels. For the past 40 years, her job on “Wheel of Fortune” has seen her adhere to a fashionable dress code that typically features the famously uncomfortable type of shoe. Most of us men can’t relate, but we know plenty of you Outsiders are wondering how Vanna has been able to spend entire days on tiptoe.

Her secret is pretty simple. She doesn’t. Despite wearing heels in nearly every “Wheel of Fortune” frame that makes it to air, Vanna takes them off at every opportunity. Maggie Sajak, a social media correspondent for the show, caught up with the iconic “Wheel of Fortune” personality behind the scenes. Maggie shared a “secrets from the makeup chair” TikTok video in which Vanna reveals her big secret.


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Slippers. Genius. Vanna White keeps slippers in her dressing room so that whenever she’s not actively being filmed, she gets to slip into more comfortable footwear.

Even with help from the slippers, though, Vanna tries to make sensible decisions when it comes to her heels. “Wheel of Fortune” fans may not be aware that many of her iconic dresses are provided to her by the show. But the shoes? Those are almost always hers.

In 2018, she talked to Today about which heels are easiest on her feet.

“The ones that have platforms in the front. Guess makes good ones. They’re high heels, but they have a 2-inch platform in the front, so it’s almost like you’re walking on 3-inch heels and not 5-inch heels. I probably have more Guess shoes than any other,” said Vanna.

Take notes, heel-wearers. Vanna White knows what she’s talking about.

What If We Told You the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Has Other Life Hacks on the Game Show’s Set

Vanna White has spent nearly four decades turning letters and pacing around the “Wheel of Fortune” stage in heels. Throughout her tenure on the show, she’s picked up countless tricks that have made her life on set a bit easier.

Slippers are a stroke of genius, of course. But what about something to enhance her appearance a bit? Heels add some height and definition to the lower body. So Vanna found herself wanting to give her upper body a little boost too.

You fitness-inclined Outsiders will be delightfully surprised to learn that Vanna White, of all people, gets a quick pump in before heading out to the stage.

“I even have two 10-lb. weights at the studio, and usually prior to the show I do 50 reps. My arms are bare and I want them to look good so it kind of pumps it up for the show. No one really knows that,” White continued in the 2018 interview.