‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Is ‘Shedding Glitter’ onto Pat Sajak in Tonight’s Episode

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Earlier tonight, Wheel of Fortune hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White had an amusing exchange about her dress “shedding glitter” as they entered the stage.

The two hosts have been at the head of the popular game show for four decades now. They’re household names and have been a staple of television viewing for years. That’s why they’ve got such great chemistry, and are often seen joking around with each other on-screen.

As the pair walk out on stage previous to beginning the show, they often share a humorous exchange with one another. During tonight’s episode, the Wheel of Fortune hosts were back at it joking around about White’s choice of dress for the evening. The longtime hostess is well-known for her dazzling dresses. Once again, she didn’t disappoint tonight as she walked out on stage in a gold and black glitter dress. However, Sajak hysterically gave White a hard time for “shedding glitter” all over his suit.

“Are you shedding?” Sajak jokingly said to White.

“I am. Shedding glitter,” the Wheel of Fortune hostess responded before saying, “Sorry.”

“Oh yea, glitter,” Sajak said while wiping off his suit jacket.

“I have glitter on me. Just take the glitter with you. I appreciate it,” Sajak amusingly stated as White helped him remove the glitter.

The game show’s Twitter account posted a clip of the pair’s introduction. Their social media team also joined in on the joke when they wrote, “A little glitter never hurt anybody… right?” They also added that White brought “glitz and glamour to tonight’s episode.”

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Michelle Trachtenberg Brutally Misses Easy Puzzle

We’ve seen Wheel of Fortune hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White joke around together for years. But they extend their playful demeanor to the show’s guests as well.

Two weekends ago during an episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, actress Michelle Trachtenberg missed a painfully easy puzzle. The host and celebrity’s following exchange was amusing to say the least since she missed out because of a technicality.

When Trachtenberg buzzed in with the answer of a popular Disney+ series, she didn’t quite get her pronunciation correct. Most people will know the Star Wars show and its breakout character Baby Yoda well. Of course, the answer the game show was looking for was The Mandalorian.

In the Wheel of Fortune contestant’s defense, Trachtenberg did seem to know the solution to the puzzle. However, she unfortunately butchered the pronunciation of The Mandalorian, so another contestant was allowed to buzz in. Musician Jason Mraz promptly stole the answer when he pronounced the show correctly. After, Trachtenberg and Sajak shared a funny exchange over the technicality.

“You know, I just feel terrible about this,” Sajak begins saying.

“Yea, you should,” Trachtenberg jokes.

“Well, I do,” Sajak adds.

“What’s the difference?” she asks the host.

“Well, Mandelarian is not Mandalorian,” Sajak amusingly responds.