‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Stuns in Holiday Gown Photos

by Joe Rutland

Looking for something to fill you with holiday cheer? Try looking at Wheel of Fortune host Vanna White’s plethora of holiday gowns.

Yes, sir, the world’s favorite letter-turner offers a little bit of head-turning action, too.

Take a peek at these pictures from the game show’s Instagram account.

Go ahead and pick your favorite Vanna White gown.

Meanwhile, Wheel of Fortune continues to air on television stations all across the United States.

She has been on the TV game show since 1982. Both she and Pat Sajak are not going anywhere as they’ve been signed to stay on as part of the game show through the 2023-24 TV season.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Has Puzzle Everyone Should Be Thankful For

We’re not even going to attempt a guess at how many puzzles Wheel of Fortune has used over the years.

But we know not all are made the same.

You know, some of those puzzles have just been a part of those iconic game show moments. How? Blunder City USA.

Then, others have triumphed over for massive scores.

In either case, they’ve given us plenty of reason to be thankful. Perhaps none more so than the animated one the show’s official Twitter account shared on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving, Outsiders! From the lovely people over at Wheel of Fortune and us.

Check out the puzzle right here in this tweet.

Of course, there’s always room for some comments from longtime host Pat Sajak.

Earlier this week, he was getting himself in the giving spirit by cracking Thanksgiving-themed jokes on Twitter.

Fans Turn Surly When Minor Technicality Led To Big-Time Loss

Wheel of Fortune might be “America’s Game Show,” but fans are quick to call the show out.

Why? They get ticked as show producers are incredibly strict. For instance, adding “and” to a response or mispronouncing a word usually results in a wrong answer. In fact, Wheel fans have been railing against the “and” rule for years. However, on a recent episode, they were a little lax on the rules and fans are not happy about it.

During the show, contestant Steven Page was ready to solve a puzzle. The answer was “Quality craftsmanship.” However, that’s not exactly what Steven said. His response was “Quality craftmanship,” but the show still deemed it correct. That correct answer put $9,000 in Page’s pocket. At the same time, it stopped the next person in line from solving the puzzle.

That kept technically incorrect answer did more than net Page a cool nine grand. It kept money out of Lisa Volivitch, the next contestant’s, pocket.