‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Sends Sweet Message to Pat Sajak to Close Out Show

by Chris Haney

As Wheel of Fortune came to an end last night, hostess Vanna White shared a sweet message for her longtime friend and host, Pat Sajak.

The pair have been at the helm of the game show since the early ’80s. For four decades, the two hosts have worked together and been the face of Wheel of Fortune. In that time, they’ve helped build the series into one of the most popular game shows of all time. Additionally, they’ve each become household names because of their time on the show.

Fans love the competition itself, but Sajak and White’s chemistry are a huge factor in the show’s success. The pair frequently joke around with each other and will share a laugh with the contestants as well. While on a Disney Christmas-themed set, White addressed the audience and viewers at home last night. While closing out the show, the hostess thanked Sajak for decades of laughs on and off the show.

“Speaking of quirky humor. You are the funniest guy I know,” Vanna said to Pat as the crowd clapped. “And I want to thank you for 39 years of all the laughter you have given me.”

“Wow. I’m the quintessential loquacious quizmaster. So, hurt my tongue,” the Wheel of Fortune host joked. “Well, Vanna, it’s very nice of you to say.”

“No, it’s true,” she responded.

“More Secret Santa and more Disney tomorrow. We’ll see you,” Sajak told viewers.

“And more jokes,” White added before the two hosts said goodbye for the night.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Hosts Contemplate Retirement

As mentioned, hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been a team on Wheel of Fortune for almost 40 years now. While it’s hard to even imagine anyone else in charge of the game show, all good things do come to an end eventually.

Sajak is 75 years old, and White is 64 years old, so their retirement is a subject that has been discussed multiple times in recent years during interviews. In 2019, Sajak appeared on Good Morning America, where he spoke about the subject. At the time, the host said he assumed he had at least a “couple years” left in him.

“I’m not getting any younger. A couple of years,” Sajak said on GMA. “You know what I’m really sensitive about? I’d rather leave a couple years too early than a couple years too late. … I don’t have a date in mind, but two, three [years], something like that.”

Obviously, it’s been a couple of years, and the Wheel of Fortune duo is still going strong. During a joint interview with Access Hollywood earlier this year, the hosts spoke about retirement once again. Sajak shared that the two hosts would “probably walk off into the sunset at the same time.” Fans will surely be happy that White chimed in, though, and made sure to add that they wouldn’t be retiring “anytime soon.”