‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Nail Express Puzzle for Incredible Vacation Trip

by Maggie Schneider

A “Wheel of Fortune” does not skip a beat when landing on the Express wedge. Watch the clip of her nailing it!

“Wheel of Fortune” is a competitive game show. With new wedges on the wheel being added this season, the stakes are even higher. One of these new gameplay elements is the Express wedge.

When a contestant lands on the Express wedge, contestants can call both vowels and consonants without spinning the wheel. If they are correct during each of their turns, you are golden. If they miss one letter, they go bankrupt. Competitors can choose whether or not they want to go the Express route. To me, the risks are worth taking if they are feeling really confident.

In a clip posted 9 hours ago, a contestant does exactly this. Lanessa lands on an Express wedge and decides to take the chance. There are 11 letters already on the board, with 7 more needing to be called. For viewers, this feels like too many letters to call in one turn. She is only able to call out consonants at this point as well. However, the three-letter phrase does not seem to daunt Lanessa.

As she begins to add every new letter, host Pat Sajak is impressed. When Lanessa calls the letter “C,” Sajak laughs and says “Take a moment here.” Vanna White is barely able to catch up to her consonant calls!

Express Wedge Victory

Within one minute, the competitor solves the puzzle. Beginning the round with $2,000, her Express wedge increases her winnings to $7000. The board reads “Gazing at the Scenery.” This is fitting for this round, since Lanessa wins a special trip to the island of Antigua. Viewers are sure that she will be gazing at its scenery in awe.

Viewers find out that Lanessa is no stranger to “Wheel of Fortune.” The contestant is the twin sister of former competitor Liana, who does well on her episode. She tells Sajak that her twin makes her proud with her gameplay. However, Lanessa’s competitive streak keeps her motivated to chase the grand prize. When the host asks her if there is a bit of a competitive edge between the two sisters, Lanessa replies “Yeah, it’s there.”

The sibling rivalry is in good fun, and Lanessa is sure to make Liana proud. With so many other great gameplay moments from the show, this one stands out as an impressive achievement. The only thing viewers wish, is to win their own trip to the island of Antigua.

New episode of “Wheel of Fortune” air weeknights at 7 pm on ABC. Reruns are also available on Netflix.