‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Nail Sweet Answers for $10,000

by Amy Myers

These Wheel of Fortune Triple Toss-Up puzzles made us hungry for dessert. Contestant Sharon from Lancaster, California scooped up all three wins, earning herself an extra $4,000. The game was a part of Disney Princess Celebration week, in which watchers can win a trip to Disneyland.

The game was full of sugar, spice and everything nice – and, not to mention, some big wins! Wheel of Fortune shared the clip of Sharon and her massive win, applauding her for her sweet victory. The answers to the dessert-themed puzzles were “Warm Apple Cobbler,” “Warm Apple Crisp” and “Twelve-Layer Chocolate Cake.”


Earlier in the episode, Sharon revealed that she was a registered dietitian that worked both in a hospital and in her private practice. A dedicated dog mom, the contestant also told host Pat Sajak that she and her husband shared a 15-year-old, three-legged miniature pinscher. His name? Tripod.

Of course, in honor of this week’s theme, Sajak had to ask what her favorite part of Disney. Her answer wasn’t any character from one of the films. Rather, it was a staple of Disneyland Resort – Dole Whip ice cream. The pineapple-flavored frozen treat had a special place in the Wheel of Fortune contestant’s heart and was definitely a must-have when she visited the park.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Misses Out on $100,000 in Bonus Puzzle

Unfortunately, Sharon didn’t take home the big win, but she still walked away with $11,000. Meanwhile, competitor Michelle managed to steal the lead during the Prize Puzzle round, landing herself a Disney cruise trip to the Bahamas and increasing her total to $14,578. She further extended her lead in the final round of the regular game, bringing her to $21,378 before the Bonus Puzzle.

Michelle then chose her category, “Living Thing” and gave her additional letters, “D M C A.”

Sadly, this didn’t do much to help the Wheel of Fortune contestant, giving her just a single vowel to help her solve the puzzle. There were still eight out of twelve letters missing, making it an unlikely win.

But, as Sajak said, “Stranger things have happened.”

As Michelle tried to talk out her answer, she decided the second word had to be “Fawn.” She just didn’t know what the first word could possibly be. All too soon, time ran out and the board read “Gorgeous Fawn.”

“I was trying to send you a ‘G’ telepathically,” Sajak told the contestant.

He opened the envelop to reveal how much money she missed out on then quickly advised he to look away as he revealed the $100,000 total to the camera. Michelle looked sorely disappointed. Thankfully, though, she still came away with over $20,000 and a Disney cruise trip. Not a bad game at all!