‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch the Impressive First Bonus Round Puzzle Solve of 2022

by Leanne Stahulak

Although “Wheel of Fortune” has been on for the last week or so, last night a contestant became the first to solve the Bonus Round Puzzle in 2022.

Shafi, who performed very well in the regular “Wheel of Fortune” rounds, advanced to the Bonus Round last night. His category was “Fun & Games,” and his puzzle had two words with four letters each. The show’s mandatory “R, S, T, L, N, E,” resulted in one letter for Shafi in the top word and two in the bottom word.

The “Wheel of Fortune” contestant guessed “M, D, C, I” for his three consonants and one vowel. Shafi also had a wild card that gave him an extra consonant, so he guessed “H.” But those only gave him one extra letter in the second word.

“Alright, you’re not gonna get a lot of help, but I think you can do this,” host Pat Sajak encouraged Shafi. Sajak ended up being right. As soon as the 10-second timer started, Shafi said, “Pool cues.” He walked away with $39,000 from the Bonus Round for a grand total of $71,150. Not too shabby.

The official “Wheel of Fortune” Instagram account posted a video of Shafi’s victory earlier today. The game show captioned the post, “Shafi is our first #bonusround winner of 2022!” In seven days, he’s been the only person to solve the final puzzle so far, which is quite an achievement.

Check out his Bonus Round Puzzle solve in the video below.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Harp on Winner Who Missed Easy Puzzle

You can definitely say that “Wheel of Fortune” contestant Shafi knows how to play the game well, based on his $71,150 in winnings. But earlier in last night’s game, Shafi made a huge mistake on a puzzle solve that made Twitter users go wild.

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, the category was “Song Lyrics.” The puzzle showed the following letters on the board: “TH_S _AND _AS MADE FOR YOU AND ME.” Think you know what it is? Shafi thought he did too, as did all the “Wheel Watchers” out there.

But Shafi ended up saying, “This band has made for you and me.” Yikes. Pretty sure that’s not how the iconic Woodie Guthrie song goes.

And Twitter users ate Shafi up for it last night (even though he went on to win the Bonus Round Puzzle).

“This might be the dumbest #WheelOfFortune solve ever. Straight fail,” one Twitter user wrote. They also posted a video of the moment.

“I… We may need to implement some sort of test for contestants hereafter,” another “Wheel of Fortune” fan said.

Some also compared Shafi to legendary actor Joe Pesci. We gotta admit, Shafi sounds eerily like him. “if you’re watching #WheelOfFortune like 28 year old me rn, close your eyes and listen to Shafi speak — it’s actually Joe Pesci,” one person pointed out on Twitter.