‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Maggie Sajak Go Behind-Scenes With Former NBA Player Contestant

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Wheel of Fortune announces their final Secret Santa winner this year! And it goes to, *Inserts drum roll* Former NBA star André! He is taking home over $31,000 in cash. What a huge accomplishment on his part! He definitely deserves this prize.

Maggie Sajak has the opportunity to interview André behind the scenes.

“Tonight’s Secret Santa episode was a slam dunk for André! He won over $31,000! Hurry and check your SPIN ID at the link in our bio to see if you won all that cash, too! @maggiesajak,” Wheel of Fortune writes on Instagram.

It is the most magical time of the year to be a Wheel Watcher. A contestant just might be your Secret Santa! In the past, home viewers have won more than $3.3 million since it began. Who knows, maybe you could be the winner in the next holiday season!

This special event runs from December 6 through 17. Be sure to keep checking your SPIN ID in order to win everything the contestants win during the show. It can be anything from Disney vacations to thousands or millions of dollars. As they say, no prize is too large for Santa to carry on his sleigh. What are you waiting for? After hearing what André wins this year, doesn’t it make you want to win next year?

Plans for ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in 2022

Quite a few rumors are going around with Pat Sajak and Vanna White leaving the show. Millions of people are asking, “Is this really happening?”

We all know Sajak and White have been with the show for years now, so maybe they want a change. Both of their contracts are set to expire in 2022 and it’s only a matter of time until they make a decision.

10 months ago, Pat Sajak and Vanna White discuss retiring together. White mentions it would be hard doing the show without Pat, since they’ve been doing this for so long.

There is no answer to what the two hosts will decide, but stay in the loop. There is still a few weeks left in 2021.

Top Game Shows Outdoing Primetime

Media outlets are saying there are no daily broadcast primetime shows, besides the NFL. At least none that consider appointment viewing.

Furthermore, the rapid growth that streaming services experience causes little to no programming amid viewers anymore. In that case, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Family Feud primarily air throughout the night with primetime access.

Surprisingly, these game shows draw more viewers nightly than the top broadcast entertainment shows. People love the joy each episode brings to the table. There is something new each time!

You can catch these game shows on CBS!