When Are the Last ‘FBI’ Episodes Before Winter Olympics Break?

by Anna Dunn
Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

FBI and the rest of the shows in its franchise are about to go on a break for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Here’s when the last episodes before the games are set to air.

You can expect FBI to air its last episode before the Olympics this upcoming Tuesday, February 1. The same holds true for FBI: International and FBI: Most Wanted. FBI has been on a break for a couple of weeks. Therefore, fans are frustrated that they’re only going to get a single episode before Olympic Programming takes over.

We don’t yet have a date on when FBI and the other two shows will return, but fans can suspect a return sometime in late February or maybe even early March.

FBI is far from the only series to be impacted by the Olympic Games. NCIS, NCIS, Hawai’i, and NCIS: Los Angeles are all going on hiatus. Over on NBC, since the Olympics air on that channel, virtually no show is unaffected by the Olympics.

Here’s What Tomorrow’s Episode is About

FBI fans will find that the upcoming episode will focus a lot on Maggie, but we’ll probably see plenty of Jubal and the rest of the group too.

“Maggie goes under cover working in a bar to investigate an anti-government group that regularly gathers there; a single father on the periphery of the group begins to fear he’s in danger of becoming collateral damage,” the description reads.

Going undercover is always tense, so this episode should keep fans in suspense. It follows a really tragic episode about Jubal and his grief.

The series has been absolutely crushing it in the ratings recently. Even the re-runs have seen impressive numbers. So hopefully, the same can be said for Tuesday’s episode.

One ‘FBI’ Star Wants to Reprise his ‘Law & Order’ Role

With the Law & Order re-boot coming soon, one FBI star wants to get in on the action. Jeremy Sisto, who plays Jubal, also had a pretty sizable role when he was on Law & Order. He played Detective Cyprus Lupo on the hit show.

“I haven’t gotten the call yet, but you know, [Executive Producer] Dick [Wolf] is always thinking creatively, so you never know,” Sisto said in an interview with TV Insider. “We’ll see.”

It would be fun to see him back on Law & Order, but plenty of fans are just happy he’s playing Jubal. He’s even Joked that FBI and Law & Order should have a crossover where he plays both characters.

“I’m telling you, I’m trying to put it out in the universe. I keep doing interviews about it,” Sisto said. “I’m hoping somebody in the universe like Dick perhaps sees it and says, that would be a cool thing to do.”

It’s a fun idea, but for now, it’s just fantasy. If you want to catch up on FBI, you can stream the whole show on Paramount+.