Which ‘Jeopardy!’ Set Is the Most Popular With Fans?

by Megan Molseed

Jeopardy! has long been a favorite among game show fans. With a distinctively unique take on a classic game show model, Jeopardy! has been delighting fans both young and old for decades. Sure, the Emmy Award-winning “answer/question” game show has remained a fan-favorite for several years. However, the popular quiz show has seen quite a few changes during that time. Among these changes are the multiple set updates since the show’s premiere in the 1980s. Six updates to be exact.

But, which one is the fan-favorite? Is there one set design that stands out the most above the rest? Or does each one of the multiple Jeopardy! sets balance out, with no definite fan favorite? The answer as to which Jeopardy! set is most popular among fans, according to one Reddit post, is “what is set number two.” Well, with a “what is set number 4” as a close second.

In a recent Reddit post, one user shares a pic depicting each one of the Jeopardy! sets viewers have seen during the show’s spectacular run. From the set we saw on the game show during the early 1980s premiere, all the way up to now – the set on which Jeopardy! hosts Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik are stepping in to cover hosting duties – the pic includes them all.

“Which Jeopardy set is your favorite?” asks the Reddit post. And, fans were quick to toss in their two cents on this issue.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Choose Their Favorite Sets From Over the Years

While most of the Jeopardy! set designs we have seen over the years received plenty of love in the recent Reddit post, one seemed to be the consistent favorite: set number two. Many Reddit users commented how this set, which was the design for the popular game show between 1991 and 1996 offered a sense of nostalgia to many users.

“Number 2,” notes one Redditor in the thread.

“Love the 80s vibe, the giant letters, the wire mesh, the primary colors,” the commenter adds. “and the fact that the background changed from blue to red for the DJ round. Best version of the theme, too.”

“#2 for sure,” another Jeopardy! fan agrees.

“The one I grew up with. And yes, also the best theme,” the Redditor continues. “That version is AMAZING. It also had those great beep-boop-bop sounds when the board was revealed.”

Another Redditor says that they loved the second set because the logos were simple. But the sound effects were spot-on. Plus, the Jeopardy! fan notes, this set had a clean and fresh vibe that they appreciate.

“Number 2 just so clean and fresh,” the Redditor explains.

“It’s also unapologetically 80s, there’s not really any sense of restraint or desire to tone things down,” the commenter explains. “especially with the sound effects.”

Number Four Comes In As A Close Second – Falling to Number Two

While some Jeopardy! fans certainly appreciated the other sets such as three and six, it seems the fourth set design is the runner-up fan favorite.

“The 4th, and it’s not even close,” one Redditor says of the Jeopardy! set design that made it to the air of 2002 and 2006.

“The 4th one, for sure,” another fan notes. “It’s not too gawdy, it’s not monocolor (sic). Love it.”