Which ‘NCIS’ Holiday Episode Is the Best?

by Anna Dunn

In honor of Christmas, NCIS fans are taking a look back at the show‘s best holiday episodes. So which of the show’s holiday episodes is the best?

NCIS doesn’t do a holiday episode every year. But when the show does, fans seem to appreciate it. The show has been on air since 2003, so it had plenty of opportunities for Holiday episodes. In a recent Reddit thread, fans discussed which one is their favorite with one dedicated fan ranking all thirteen.

Out of 19 seasons, there are 13 of them with holiday episodes. Not every episode has been a hit, however. Or really has the Holiday spirit. For instance, Season 1 Episode 9 is barely considered a holiday episode. And while it has its moments, it’s definitely not the most interesting of the bunch.

Most fans agree that the Reddit User’s top three are spot on. Season 9, Episode 11, Newborn King, comes in at number three. Season 13, Episode 11, Spinning Wheel, comes in at number 2. And season 12, episode 10, House Rules ranks in at number one.

Many ‘NCIS’ Fans Find Season 9 Holiday Episode One of the Best Of All Time

Many fans agree that one of the best episodes on the list is also one of the best episodes overall. The season 9 holiday episode, Newborn King, is a major hit. While the fan who wrote the Reddit post put it at number three. It’s a lot of people’s number one.

The episode follows a team trying to protect a pregnant marine who has two different groups trying to hunt her down. Gibbs actually delivers a baby while Ziva gets in the line of fire. Palmer deals with family complications. Many fans love the episode because it brings the personal in with a fantastic case.

“My most favorite has to be “Newborn King”, especially with the low-key biblical reference directly related to Christmas throughout the plot of the episode (a birth of a highly anticipated child),” one fan wrote.

“Newborn King will always be my favourite Christmas NCIS episode (2nd favourite overall), currently watching it now,” another fan wrote.

Almost all fans loved Newborn King the most. And it seems like the episode is generally considered one of the best episodes in the entire series. But other fans had a soft spot for Silent Night from season six. The episode is a classic that ends in quite the Christmas miracle.

Regardless of your favorite NCIS Holiday episode, if you’re a fan of the series, it feels like each Holiday episode is worth a good re-watch.