Why ‘Amazing Race’ This Year Is Like a ‘Mystery Tour’

by Madison Miller

As Omicron cases continue to rise drastically in the U.S., it seems impossible to imagine a show like “The Amazing Race” going through the filming process.

Compared to other shows, “The Amazing Race” had a particularly difficult journey. The very premise of the show is that contestants travel all around the world to compete in different challenges in order to win the grand prize of one million dollars. Given the pandemic, filming a show like this feels like trying to make the impossible happen.

It took nearly two years to finally get the show back on the air. So, how did “The Amazing Race” manage to overcome and conquer?

Making ‘The Amazing Race’ with Changes

One of the most iconic parts of the show in the past has been the epic races through busy airports. Contestants would also dive into the first available taxi cab. In order to film the show in this way, however, it involves the contestants being exposed and interacting with a lot of people. It not only could put them at risk, but it could also put residents of these other countries at risk.

This is something they had to rethink when filming. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the host of the show Phil Keoghan spoke about how some challenges ended up making for even better television. “The Amazing Race” got their own plane instead of going to airports. Contestants get on a plane and get mysteriously zipped to an unknown location.

“And it added another layer to the race that we haven’t had before. So yeah, we didn’t get the running through the airport, but we got these great moments where teams would get on the plane and wouldn’t necessarily know where they were going. And so it was sort of like a mystery tour! But yeah, we had to take some of the randomness out of it, just so that we could ensure that we knew where people went, what they were doing, and they weren’t just get lost somewhere in the public and us not knowing who they’d been into contact with,” Keoghan said.

It may have been out with the old, but the new isn’t so bad, either. The new 33rd season will be on tonight, January 5. The 11 teams will travel to London first.

First Look at New Season

After a long time away, fans of “The Amazing Race” are eager to see the show again. The show is calling that long break the “longest pitstop in ‘Amazing Race’ history.”

Variety released a sneak peek video that shows the teams packing their belonging and saying goodbye to their families. Their phones go off and they are greeted by Keoghan talking about this season of the show.

“It’s so good to be back. We know how much you have missed ‘The Amazing Race,’ and believe me, we have missed making it for you. Tonight’s episode was filmed before the outbreak of COVID-19, which prompted us to suspend shooting at the end of the third leg. I am excited to tell you that after a long break, we did finish shooting this season, and once again, the world is waiting for you,” he states.