Why ‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Says There Was ‘Something Really Beautiful’ About Sara & Maxine’s Dynamic

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Bill Davila/FilmMagic)

One of the coolest parts about the CSI universe is how well it worked out expanding the show into multiple areas that make for great home bases for the spinoff programs like CSI: Vegas. One of the stars of the CBS drama, Jorja Fox, spoke at length with TV Insider about her role and the dynamic between Sara and Maxine.

When you introduce a new character and lab boss like Maxine into the fold, you had to wonder how it would permeate throughout the team? Would she be helpful? Would it be an adversarial relationship with the team? What if it were that Maxine stuck around for the long haul? Could some characters move on due to a poor relationship with Maxine? The possibilities were endless, but that is not what has happened, especially not with Sara and Maxine.

What CSI: Vegas star say about Maxine

Fox said, “There was something really beautiful about the relationship out of the gate between Sara and Maxine. I think they were both women that had been in the trenches for a long time. And even though they hadn’t met, sometimes in your life, you can look somebody in the eye and you’re just like, “OK, this person understands. They understand.” That was there in the beginning, but I also think Sara does not want to jeopardize Maxine’s place in the lab, nor would she ever want to usurp that authority.”

This is incredibly interesting and a really thoughtful way of looking at the on-screen relationship between the two stars of the program. While it may have made sense that the two women would butt heads a bit, it makes just as much sense if not more than they have not to this point. Maxine understands Sara. Sara understands Maxine. There is a mutual professional respect there where they have been in each other’s shoes. This is paramount to maintaining a healthy relationship with this unit, and it is interesting to see how Fox sees the relationship. It certainly signals that this relationship will continue to flourish over the long haul.

She goes on to say, “It’s really fun that Maxine is the boss. That’s been really fun to play. Because Sara hasn’t really been an administrator. I don’t think Sara ever really wanted to run the lab. She liked being in the field, she liked doing the science.” This is the kicker. That Sara doesn’t want to be in Maxine’s role. There is an understanding that Sara likes what she does and Maxine likes what she does. There is no competition over jobs. They understand who they re and what their skill set is and they run with that. Time will tell, though, if this continues to be the case for the long haul.