Why Did ‘One Chicago’ Show ‘Chicago Justice’ Get Canceled?

by Shelby Scott

“One Chicago” remains one of NBC‘s most successful franchises, its flagship “Chicago Fire” often leading in viewership ratings regularly. That said, the three shows, “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD,” and “Chicago Med,” were previously accompanied by a fourth series, “Chicago Justice.” Before its cancelation, the series focused on Chicago’s State’s Attorney team in their pursuit of justice. Now, as the show’s sister series have thrived, we’re left wondering why “Chicago Justice” never made it past season one.

Fortunately, thanks to One Chicago Center, we have a little insight as to why “Chicago Justice” never continued.

At first glance, it is strange the series never saw a second season. According to the outlet, just like its compatriots, “Chicago Justice” saw clear fan interest and solid ratings.

Interestingly, while ratings typically determine the success of a rookie show, the cancelation of the fourth “One Chicago” series likely came at the hands of another Dick Wolf-produced franchise.

Previously, following “Chicago Justice’s” cancelation in 2017, NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt spoke to Deadline about the final decision. Apparently, while the series saw success, it shared too many similarities with another fan-favorite franchise, Law and Order.

As such, Greenblatt shared, “It just became somewhat of a real estate issue…we thought [the ‘One Chicago’ series] are all good but it seemed like Justice was the most conventional, it was the closest to a ‘Law and Order’ show, so we thought maybe this is the one we should sacrifice.”

‘One Chicago’ Fans Think One ‘Med’ Scene Crossed the Line

Because Dick Wolf’s “One Chicago” franchise puts a highlight on the Windy City’s most dynamic first responders, there’s bound to be a moral issue here or a misjudgment there.

Now, “Chicago Med” fans are speaking out on one Dr. Ethan Choi scene which they believe definitely “crossed the line.”

The aforementioned scene took place in season six, just last year. During the episode, Choi had been treating a patient who kept tearing at their own stitching, obviously contributing to their own self-harm.

As expected, the situation was hard for the good doctor to endure, obviously not wanting a patient he’d been trying to heal continue to hurt themselves.

In order to combat the situation, Dr. Choi believed the patient should be either restrained or given sedatives to prevent further injury. Instead, the series psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Charles intervened, the issue obviously more than physically induced.

In the end, Charles managed to subdue the patient, without restraints or sedatives, and, in response, Choi’s request to physically restrict the individual was denied. The scene concluded as the character punched a paper towel dispenser, his hand left bloodied afterward.

Overall, fans found the “Med” scene rather intense, especially as Choi yelled at Charles. “I sure never expected this kind of anger from Dr. [Choi]. He has always been [able to keep] his cool under extreme pressure.”

Meanwhile, another “Chicago Med” fan came to the good doctor’s defense. They shared, “[Choi] isn’t out of line okay. He ends up as the bad guy but he wants to save [his] patients…Charles said not to put him in restraints and he was literally ripping himself [apart].”