Why Mike Rowe Doesn’t Film Much Overseas

by Kati Michelle

As 2021 dwindles down, Mike Rowe is closing out one of his busiest years to date. He found success with his personal podcast “The Way I Heard It,” while also finding time to narrate the “How America Works” docuseries and even tease a Christmas song collaboration with John Rich. The thing about Mike Rowe is that even with all this success, he still stays true to his “Dirty Jobs” roots. Rowe had a hell of a time even getting the show greenlit in the first place, but once he did, it ran for eight seasons.

He didn’t want the show to be like anything else on TV at the time, because he wanted to avoid making his guests a punchline in any regard. Through interviews in sewers and fighting off gators, he built a host philosophy around the idea of humility. The stories he captures aren’t really about him anyway. They’re actually about the “bloody do-gooders” of the world, especially in the United States. But, how does Mike Rowe feel about the idea of filming overseas? Well, he hasn’t done much of it yet. And here’s why:

Mike Rowe Wants to Keep It Local for the Connections

It’s not that Mike Rowe is opposed to filming overseas. He just doesn’t think it’s the right time yet given just how many more stories there are to collect from Americans inspiring their local communities. He tells Variety:

“I’m not disinterested in the rest of the world, but studies show the rest of the world is really freaking far away. I’ve been around it a couple of times, and there are still about 300 million people I haven’t met here. I figure for the first couple of seasons anyway I want to keep it local.”

Still, he does leave the door open to some international adventures in the future.

“But over time, you never know,” he says.

His Response to Critics That Say He’s Too Political

Mike Rowe recently took to Facebook to pen a long letter in response to one journalist whose article accused him of pandering to politics. Here’s Rowe’s thoughtful reply and why he doesn’t see his work as political at all:

“Over the years, I’ve ‘cozied up’ to lots of people on both sides of the aisle. I’ve spoken to both houses of Congress, run a non-partisan foundation, and hosted TV shows on Fox News, Facebook, Trinity, TBS, Discovery, and half-a-dozen other channels. The reason I work for companies with disparate political beliefs is because I’m not a political animal. That doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions – I do…But when it comes to making television, I don’t limit myself to working with people who see the world exactly as I do.”

Cheers to that!