Why ‘NCIS’ Fans Had a Major Problem With the Gibbs Tombstone Scene

by Lauren Boisvert

Fans had a bone to pick with “NCIS” when it showed Gibbs visiting the family gravesite in season 19. At that point, there were already rumors that season 19 would be Gibbs’ last, but we didn’t know when or how exactly he’d be leaving.

Visiting the gravesite but a sense of foreshadowing in fans’ minds. They weren’t too happy with the implication that Gibbs might die. Fans took to Twitter to symbolically beg for Gibbs’ life.

One fan wrote, “Him visiting Shannon & Kelly with his name on tombstone? What’s that supposed to mean? Is that foreshadowing? DON’T KILL GIBBS I BEG Y’ALL.” Another shared a similar sentiment, writing, “Oh no! NO! Please tell that the graves of Shannon and Kelly aren’t a clue of Gibbs’ future! Please, DON’T KILL HIM!!”

Luckily, we didn’t have to watch Gibbs die. Instead, he retired to Alaska where he spends his days fly fishing and living off the grid, we can only assume.

‘NCIS’ Fans Debate Best Way to Replace Gibbs

When Gibbs was on his way out early in season 19, devoted fans took to Reddit to discuss the most satisfying way “NCIS” could replace Gibbs.

“Imagine if Vance stepped down as director of NCIS, and Gibbs took over,” one fan wrote. “This would allow him to be in [a] few episodes, and the episodes he is in, he would have to be on screen for like 1 scene. Then McGee takes over Gibbs’ old team, and Torres takes over McGee’s old job. Maybe have 1-2 episodes with the team like this, the way it was in season 1 when I was just Gibbs and Tony until they find someone else that’s a good match.”

Makes sense, and would satisfy the fans, but doesn’t sound too fair to Vance. He’s a good director, and a great character. I’d hate to see him go. What would he do if he wasn’t director? Granted, we could learn more about him outside of the NCIS, but it doesn’t seem right to have him step down just so Gibbs could stick around.

Another fan noted that Gibbs hated his time as interim director, and that it clashes with his personality. Another noted at the beginning of the season that Gibbs should just retire already. Luckily, Gibbs did just that. The fan suggested he appear every once in a while like Tony’s dad, “have some fun and leave.”

Additionally, McGee stated in the beginning of season 19 that he didn’t want Gibbs’ job, and instead wanted to focus on his family. So, I can’t see McGee taking that job any time soon. Plus, we’d have to find something to do with Alden Parker.