Why ‘NCIS’ Isn’t Airing a New Episode Tonight

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Alright folks, tonight when you tune into CBS, there will not be a new episode of NCIS. There are a couple of reasons why that might be the case.

Now, the winter hiatus is something that fans usually expect. Then, throughout January and February, there are a few events that make it hard for producers to run the show. Most of the time, that can be blamed on football. The NFL and in this case, college football are usually to blame.

So, it seems that the College Football Playoff national championship is going to make CBS push the new episode back a week. It just doesn’t make sense to try and delay the time of the episode and risk losing viewers. So, there is going to be a one-week pause in new episodes.

There is also a possibility that recent COVID issues on the set of NCIS as well as NCIS: Los Angeles. There has been a halt in production, and while it might not be directly affecting things right now, it could make a difference later in the season.

Look, tonight is all about one thing, the national championship. The rematch between Alabama and Georgia. Get some good food, some good drinks, and tune in while Torres, Parker, McGee, and the rest of the team take a week off.

There is a lot to be excited about. This season of NCIS has had a lot of new aspects. From Gibbs being gone to rising characters and dramatic crimes. There has been a lot going on. But, through it all, the cast takes time to appreciate the small moments away from the camera.

‘NCIS’ Stars Smile for Behind-the-Scenes Selfie

This season, one of the duos that have been developing more and more is between Torres and Knight. Wilmer Valderrama and Katrina Law are excellent on screen together. It has allowed both of the characters to develop and become more well known to the audience.

When the two talk out on the scene or during an investigation, it can lead to personal and intimate questions. They talk about their upbringings, their relationships, and more. Of course, the two crack jokes as well. So, fans were happy to see the two getting along off-screen.

Law posted a selfie of her with NCIS costars Valderrama and Brian Dietzen. There is always a lot of good NCIS content on Instagram. Law and her other costars are always posting photos and videos showing things behind-the-scenes, thanking fans, and more. Valderrama is one of the best at it when it comes to giving sneak peeks. So, it makes sense to see him in Law’s post.

Fans just need to sit and wait one more week until a new episode hits their screens.