Why ‘NCIS’ Star Rocky Carroll Doesn’t Have a Favorite Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Michael Desmond/CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“NCIS” star Rocky Carroll entered our screens and our hearts in 2008 with a guest role on the season 5 episode “Internal Affairs.” In that episode, Director Jenny Shepard is under investigation for the murder of an international arms dealer, La Grenouille. But, as the investigation progresses, it’s actually Tony DiNozzo who comes under fire.

Carroll played Leon Vance in the episode, and would eventually stay on as a recurring character, becoming the new director of the NCIS. Currently, Vance still holds that position and has for nearly 13 years. He’s the longest-running NCIS director of the series, beating out Thomas Morrow and Jenny Shepard.

But, for all the years Rocky Carroll has been on “NCIS,” he says he doesn’t have a favorite episode; there are just too many to choose from. “We have done so many,” Carroll said in a conversation with Assignment X in 2018. “I think I’d really have to sit and dissect them, because it’s such a blur, because when you do twenty-four [episodes] in a season, the moment you finish one, you go into another.”

With 4 more seasons to choose from now, I’m sure he has an even more difficult time picking a favorite. But he has said that he appreciates the personal looks into his character that audiences don’t usually see. “I still remember my first episode [Season 5’s “Internal Affairs” in 2008] where my character was introduced, which is one of my favorites,” he said, “and there is an episode called ‘Knockout,’ where we first got a sense that my character had a life that went above and beyond just being the director of N.C.I.S.”

‘NCIS’: What is Next Week’s Episode About?

Next Monday, Nov. 29, calls for a new “NCIS,” and this one is titled “Peacekeeper.” When the team rolls up on the crime scene, the cause of death is apparent right away. A man lies in a car riddled with bullet holes. “It would be easier to tell you where he wasn’t shot,” says Jimmy Palmer in a promo for the episode.

Which, fair. They know the cause, now they just have to find the motive. That part is still unclear, but it seems like the episode will focus on safe gun ownership.

Forensic scientist Kasie Hines is even going to gun school in the episode; really, it just looks like Jessica Knight teaching her how to shoot in an unofficial capacity. According to the synopsis, Kasie is mulling over the decision to get a gun or not. The case might sway her one way or another.

Tune in to CBS next Monday to catch the episode, Nov. 29 at 9.