Why ‘Pawn Stars’ Boss Rick Harrison Lives Nearly Half the Year ‘Off the Grid’

by Michael Freeman

Like everyone, I savor my time off work and when I get to relax. A recent refreshing discovery is going “off the grid” and basically not using social media or communication devices. Despite his massive success and wealth, Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars says he lives nearly half the year like that and explained why.

Back in 2018, Rick Harrison did an unpaid interview with Battle Born Batteries, a company he avidly supports. For the interview, the crew went “off the grid” with Harrison and he showed them his tucked-away Oregon property. Calling it his “own mini little Hoover Dam,” Harrison explains he goes there “to relax, I want to have a good time.”

“Most people don’t know this about me, I live off the grid probably four, five months a year, at least, when I’m not in Vegas,” Harrison explained. “Years ago, I ended up buying this place. As a matter of fact, it didn’t even have batteries or anything in it. Over the years I’ve sort of created my own little paradise. I have a hydroelectric power plant, I have wind turbines, I have solar. And, I’m able to power three houses, two garages, and a full-blown machine shop completely off the grid. This is really my dream spot.”

Considering the interview was with a battery company, Rick Harrison elaborated on how the abode is his paradise. Noting how many people with places like this have power problems with batteries, he’s ensured that’s not an issue.

Reflecting on how hectic the pawn shop can get, it’s no wonder Harrison wants to go “off the grid” frequently. After seeing his setup, I think I’d be tempted to spend more than half a year there at a time.

Rick Harrison Finds Part of the Show’s Success ‘Deeply Weird’

Pawn Stars setup has proven to be a winning formula for Rick Harrison and his family, as evidenced by his cozy getaway home. Despite its massive success though, he stated he finds part of the show’s success “deeply weird.

Talking to George Knapp of 8 News Now in 2016, the two touched up on many things, one of which was obviously Pawn Stars. After asking Harrison about items he’d love to take home from the shop, the topic of the show’s success popped up. Knapp mentioned his wedding drawing paparazzi and crowds eagerly watching the interview, which Harrison noted was odd to him.

“Oh yeah. It’s deeply weird. I’ve been mobbed in Kuala Lumpur,” Harrison said.  “For years, I pitched a reality show because I thought it would be good for business. For lack of a better term, I was always just a media whore, and whenever I got national press, it was good for business. I never thought it would turn into this.”