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Why ‘The Waltons’ Star Jon Walmsley Thinks of ‘A Star is Born’ When Talking About New ‘Homecoming’ Movie

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The Waltons star Jon Walmsley thinks of all the different renditions of A Star is Born when talking about the upcoming Waltons Homecoming movie on the CW. Walmsley played Jason Walton on the hit series. He is so excited about an upcoming reimagining of the hit 70s show.

Of course, this is an era of reboots, and TV and film viewers are tired of them. This has led many people to immediately write off the film. The cast of the original, however, wants fans to give it a chance.

“I’ve seen all four versions of ‘A Star is Born’ – each is different and they’re all great,” Walmsley told Fox. “The fact that Earl Hamner’s characters and stories hold up 50 years after they were written is a testament to the quality and timelessness of his writing.”

There are definitely elements of The Waltons that hold up and can be modified for a more modern re-telling. But would Walmsley be in any other upcoming re-boots?

He told Fox that “It would depend on the role.”

But I’d love to play a baddie. A character that was the opposite of Jason, my original ‘Waltons’ role,” he said.

Other Stars of ‘The Waltons’ Are asking Fans to Give the Reboot a Chance

It’s not easy convincing people to try out a re-boot. Especially when it feels like all we’re getting these days is reboots and spinoffs.

 “I think the reboot is honoring the timelessness and beauty of Earl Hamner’s story. Moreover, if people want to see more programs like ‘The Waltons’ on TV today, then I recommend they give The CW’s ‘Homecoming’ a chance. It’s the way to let Hollywood know there is a market for family programming,” Kami Cotler, who played Elizabeth Walton, told Fox.

Richard Thomas, who played John-Boy Walton, is coming back as the Narrator in the film. The original version of the Waltons premiered in the 70s and followed a wholesome family trying to get by in Depression-era Virginia. The show was made in response to a growing concern about the lack of family-friendly programming on television.

Many of the old members of the cast are hoping that this re-boot will introduce people to the family, and don’t want people to think of this as any sort of “replacement” of the original. Others think now is a fantastic time to bring a story like The Waltons into the fold.

The film will air just in time for Christmas programming to get into full swing and will, of course, have a holiday theme.

The movie premieres on Nov. 28, and will be the CW’s first movie.