Why ‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki Says ‘Supernatural’ Is to Thank for Mitch Pileggi

by Anna Dunn

Walker star Jared Padalecki recently discussed how Supernatural is to thank for Mitch Pileggi joining the show. Padalecki spent fifteen years on the CW’s hit series Supernatural before its series finale last year. Now, he’s on Walker. But Supernatural still has its influences.

Actor Mitch Pileggi of X-Files and Supernatural is now joining Walker. And it’s thanks to Jared Padalecki’s connection with him that they got him on the show. Padalecki played demon hunter Sam Winchester, who had a ton of sense with Pileggi.

In Supernatural, Pileggi played Sam and Dean’s Grandfather as well as a demon named Azazel. In an interview clip with Entertainment Weekly Pileggi jokes about how he’s been “de-aged” and gets to play Padalecki’s father instead of his grandfather this time.

During the interview, Padelecki says that during the Texas Snowstorm last year, Pileggi spent a week at his house, and that helped them discuss the role.

Pileggi joins the show in the next episode, Two Points for Honesty. Here’s the description.

“Captain James is shot while setting up protective detail on Trey (Jeff Pierre), Captain James (Coby Bell) is shot and left in critical condition. Walker (Jared Padalecki) takes on the role of interim Captain and turns to an unlikely source for help,” the description reads.

‘Walker’ Is Welcoming In New Guest Stars Following Lindsey Morgan’s Departure

It’s exciting that we’re getting Pileggi, but it also comes at the heals of Lindsey Morgan’s departure. Morgan played Micki Ramirez on the hit series, and fans absolutely loved her. She was a passionate ally to Walker and went through a lot during her time on the series.

After an undercover mission goes wrong and leads to the death of her boyfriend, Ramirez decides that she needs to move away in order to heal. This means that Lindsey Morgan officially parted ways with the series. Morgan actually left the series to take care of herself. She was going through a lot in her personal life and needed some time.

“I had a lot of parallels with Micki, and that’s why I thought when I had made my decision—and it was such an incredibly hard decision—but there was something to say about the kind of strength it takes to put yourself first, and being able to deal with the guilt or the shame, those feelings of, “I may have let all these people down, but I have to take care of me to be my best me.” So, Micki’s going through that. I’m going through that,” she told TV Insider.

It’s hard to see Walker without Micki, but fans will adjust. And it’s nice to know that both Micki and Lindsey have left to take care of themselves. If you want to catch the next episode of Walker, you can tune in on January 20th at 7 pm Central on the CW.