‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Dave Marciano Is Ready for Season 11 in Highlights from the Last Year

by Hannah Heser

Wicked Tuna’s very own captain Dave Marciano is ready for season 11. And to prove it, he shares highlights from last year on Twitter.

In the clip, you will see a recap of Marciano’s experiences last year. From fishing with the other cast members to catching a giant fish, he’s had one hell of a year!

In addition to the video, a few of his fans commented underneath it.

For example, @gavdangers82 said he is excited for the new season. “Great news @CaptMarciano – can’t wait.”

And another fan wrote, “Sweet.. I hope you win!”

Dave Marciano Tells Fans There Is An Upcoming Season

The wait for Wicked Tuna’s all-new season is almost over. And you know what that means! Captain Dave Marciano is back with the gang, as they take on a whole new adventure.

Now that the new year is finally here, so is the return of Wicked Tuna. They told you they would be back after the finale aired in November, but did you know when? It will be sometime this year, but they don’t have an exact date quite yet. Although, with the many hints Marciano is dropping, it’ll be here before you know it.

In order to keep the viewers excited, Marciano said this is what the world needed all along. Can you agree?

Since the producers want the new season to be a surprise to viewers, there isn’t much out there except for predictions. But sometimes those predictions aren’t accurate, so we’ll have to wait patiently for the first episode.

While Wicked Tuna is returning for a brand new season, so is Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.

How is Wicked Tuna Similar to Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks

According to nextseasontv, Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks is the original show’s spin-off.

“It follows a Southern fleet of the best captains along with the returning Northern boats,” nextseaontv reported. “This all happens while battling to catch bluefin in the dangerous waters off the coast of North Carolina.”