‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Dave Marciano Recounted a Cherished Memory of Fishing with Son Joe

by Courtney Blackann

For the cast of “Wicked Tuna,” fishing is a lifestyle but it’s also a passion. And it has meaning when it’s done with family. Captain Dave Marciano opened up about fishing with his son and why the happy memory is especially cherished.

During an interview with Points East, Marciano opened up and explained that fishing with his son Joe offered an experience he will never forget.

“It was about 10 years ago, and Joe and I were out fishing. Joe was young and small and had to flip over a fish tote and stand on it to reach the reel. We had been marking fish for hours, and chumming – we must have used up 150 pounds of chum – but we couldn’t get anything to take a hook,” Marciano explains.

Fishing is always hit or miss. And there are certainly no guarantees. This is something the “Wicked Tuna” star knows all too well. However, just as the father and son appeared to be out on their luck, things changed.

“Joe was using jigs and put on a little pollack. He said, ‘That’s gonna get ’em. The next thing I knew, the rod was bent. Joe had hooked up this monster. It was a 1,200-pound fish, and it brought in ten grand. It’s something the two of us will always have as a memory together. And even if we’d got nothing for the fish, it would still be a highlight of my career as a fisherman to have that experience with my son.”

The fantastic catch is something you can only really understand if you’ve done it. And Marciano, along with his son, Joe can certainly brag about their unexpected adventure.

“Wicked Tuna” Star Opens Up About Fishing with Passion

While Dave Marciano has tons of experience in the fishing industry, it’s no easy job. There’s a lot of hard work, patience, disappointment and risk in the profession.

That doesn’t stop fishing captains, however. They love the work with a passion that somehow means more than having guts to do it, Marciano says.

“People say it’s hard because you fish all winter, and it’s cold and rough and windy, but the bottom line is that I love my job. In this day and age, I do wish I made a lot more money because I do have kids and I’d like to spoil them,” he says. “But somehow we always seem to have what we need. This day and age, if you can make a living and enjoy your job, life isn’t all that bad,” Marciano said.

Marciano is the captain of the Hard Merchandise. He’s a veteran of the industry long before “Wicked Tuna” began filming. However, the captain has also been candid about how the show brought education and tourism to Gloucester, Massachusetts. Marciano says it’s cool to see the show have the effect it’s had over the years.