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‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Dave Marciano Says Season 11 Will Be What Fans Were ‘Waiting For’

by Evan Reier
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

In the competitive and dangerous life of a tuna fisherman, it’s hard to imagine going any harder than they already do. Don’t tell that to Wicked Tuna star Dave Marciano.

The famous captain is active on Twitter, interacting with fans to talk all things Wicked Tuna. He also updates what his life is like away from the camera. But in his latest interaction with fans, it’s all about what comes next.

What comes next exactly? Season 11 of Wicked Tuna.

“Just watched the season finale of @WickedTuna#Outerbanks Now I’m ready to watch @[email protected]@[email protected]@pinwheelmrm” @heyjimbousaf said.

Marciano initially responded with a “Boom” but he followed up after another fan hyped up Season 11.

“Season 11 will be the season everyone was waiting for #wickedtuna#epicfishing,” Marciano tweeted.

Of course that doesn’t give us too much information, but its safe to say he’s alluding to an eventful season. Considering that COVID-19 isn’t quite as prevalent at this point, it may mean more of the Wicked Tuna fans grew to know and love in its earlier days.

It could also be Marciano teasing a big performance from him and his crew. Marciano is always a major player on the show, but Dave Carraro seems to have everyone’s number.

Either way, fans can count on another year of entertainment, whether that’s Marciano on the winning or losing end.

Wicked Tuna Captain Dave Marciano Recounts Moment with Son Joe

Part of the reason Dave Marciano has built a fanbase is his eccentric personality, which translates to his relationships as well. Dave’s son, Joe, is a familiar face on Wicked Tuna and the pair typically create an eventful atmosphere, to put it subtly.

But there’s one story that sticks out to Dave. He best told it in an interview with Points East.

“It was about 10 years ago,” Marciano said. “And Joe and I were out fishing. Joe was young and small and had to flip over a fish tote and stand on it to reach the reel. We had been marking fish for hours, and chumming – we must have used up 150 pounds of chum – but we couldn’t get anything to take a hook.”

But just at their breaking point, the duo got a much-needed break. Of course, it helps that the “break” was a five-figure tuna.

“Joe was using jigs and put on a little pollack,” Marciano continued. “He said, ‘That’s gonna get ’em. The next thing I knew, the rod was bent. Joe had hooked up this monster. It was a 1,200-pound fish, and it brought in ten grand. It’s something the two of us will always have as a memory together. And even if we’d got nothing for the fish, it would still be a highlight of my career as a fisherman to have that experience with my son.”

The exact type of moment Wicked Tuna fans and any fishing fanatic loves.