‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Dave Marciano Trades in the Tuna for Some Louisiana Redfish

by Joe Rutland

Don’t let your eyes deceive you, Outsiders. That definitely is Wicked Tuna Captain Dave Marciano and his wife down in Louisiana.

And that definitely is not a tuna in his hands.

Marciano is joined in the hunt for redfish by Nancy, his wife. They went down to Venice, La., and got them some good-looking fish.

Catch a look at this picture from the Wicked Tuna captain’s Instagram account.

As some of his fans look at this photo, they shared their thought under it.

Fan captjoe4flkeys writes, “Nice fish Cap glad to see you guys having a great trip”.

Then, fan rastagherbs offers a little pro wrestling knowledge. “Is that Randy Machoman Savage fishing with you?”

And jajoyce81 writes, “Nice work Cap! We are big fans here in NC!”

That’ll wrap up a little roundup on Captain Dave and his wife fishing down in Cajun Country.

Meanwhile, Wicked Tuna is through 10 seasons on the National Geographic Channel.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Says Tuna Fishing Needs More Passion Than Guts

Leave it to Captain Dave Marciano to put the idea of tuna fishing in its proper context.

Sure, you see him on Wicked Tuna getting out there and catching that bluefin tuna.

But he says you really need more passion than guts to get out there and catch them.

During a 2013 Q&A with Boston, Marciano talked about the ins and outs of tuna fishing. 

Marciano said that “people say it’s hard because you fish all winter, and it’s cold and rough and windy, but the bottom line is that I love my job.”

The Wicked Tuna star said, “In this day and age, I do wish I made a lot more money because I do have kids and I’d like to spoil them. But somehow we always seem to have what we need.”

Marciano Has Had His Moments Where He’s Thought About Quitting The Business

Even though Dave Marciano has been successful, that does not mean he hasn’t had times where thoughts of leaving the business banged around his head.

The captain talked about this once in an interview with Fox News.

He said that over the years, as a commercial fisherman, “There’s been a least half a dozen times where I just really thought I couldn’t do it anymore, especially when you add in the family part.”

The Wicked Tuna star said, “I could get by on a lot less but when it comes to the wife and kids having to go without as a father that makes you seriously reconsider what you’re doing with your life.”