‘Wicked Tuna’ Captains Once Came to Blows During Filming of the Show

by Amy Myers

Nowadays, the Wicked Tuna captains don’t really have all that much drama with each other – they tend to save their fighting energy for the reels. But back in the early days of the series, two stars felt that they needed to settle their differences in a more direct way, leading to the departure of one angler.

Does the name Ralph Wilkins ring a bell? The hotheaded captain of The Odysea once got into a fight with much younger competitor Tyler McLaughlin of the PinWheel. It’s easy to place the blame on Wilkins before even knowing the situation. However, we also have to remember that for a while, McLaughlin rubbed many of his fellow Wicked Tuna stars the wrong way. His unearned cockiness mixed with his lack of off-shore etiquette left him with few friends on the water. So when he came face to face with the brash Gloucester fisherman, no one was all that surprised when the altercation turned physical.

The problem first began when McLaughlin decided to be a prankster and hurl water bombs at the fellow Wicked Tuna captains. While most of the stars were able to just shake their heads and brush off the incident, Wilkins wasn’t as willing to let the incident slide and approached him on land.

“I’m not into your bulls—,” Wilkins told the younger captain. “I don’t like you ’cause you’re a f— idiot!”

Soon enough, the two men threw their fists at each other and McLaughlin ended up on the ground. While McLaughlin would continue to hang around the Wicked Tuna waters, Wilkins and The Odysea left the show shortly after in Season 3. Not too many costars were sad to see him go.

Former ‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Makes Reappearance Years Later

If you thought that was the last we would see of the potty-mouthed tuna captain, think again. After leaving the cast on a sour note, Wilkins and his vessel returned on the waters to “wipe the slate clean.”

Previously, The Odysea captain got into yet another verbal war, but this time with the captain of the FV-Tuna.com, David Carraro. After screaming at the fellow captain that he was in his fishing spot, Wilkins threatened to cut off Carraro’s anchor. Now, realizing that he had few friends on the water, the returning Wicked Tuna star tried to make amends with the captain.

“If he says something wrong, we’ll just run his floats over,” Wilkins said.

That’s the spirit, Ralph.

Despite his still ill feelings towards Wilkins, Carraro maintained his cordiality and even called him a “good character.”

The rest of the FV-Tuna.com crew, on the other hand, didn’t share the same perspective. Needless to say, the reunion didn’t last very long.