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‘Wicked Tuna’: Dave Carraro’s First Thought After a Long Day at Sea

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Dave Carraro has been on Wicked Tuna for quite some time. He has a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to spending time at sea. After years at sea, the veteran fisherman recalled what it was like after his first long day at sea.

While he is an experienced tuna fisherman now, there was a time when Carraro was green on the seas. Long days on the water aren’t for everyone, however, he was able to adjust to the change over time. If he wasn’t able to get used to the rough days and long hours, he wouldn’t be the man you see on TV today.

In a discussion with Hollywood Soapbox back in 2015, the Wicked Tuna star explained what it was like going in and out from land to sea, fishing on the open waters. For him and the rest of his crew, they just want to get back out as soon as they come in.

“On the way in, the only thing we’re thinking about is going back out,” he explained. “Sometimes it takes not the normal 14 hours to get home. … Sometimes it takes us 20-24 hours to get home because it’s such a rough ride. As beat up as we are, as tired as we are, as dirty as the boat is, when we get in, we just can’t wait to turn around and go back out.”

For Carraro, tuna fishing is a passion. Whether he was on TV or not, he would still be out there setting his lines and hoping to reel in the big one. He has made a living from his boat and the show has just given him resources to get further into his passion. Wicked Tuna just showcases those talents.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Season COmes Down to This

Right now, the folks at Wicked Tuna are winding down the season. It comes down to these last few casts and the last catches. Boats are looking to fill out those quotas and finish the season on a high note. If they fall short, then it will be a disappointment at the end of the year.

So, to get all the drama and action there is going to be a 90-minute episode on Sunday night for Outer Banks. It is going to feature all of your favorites as they get those last nibbles and hopefully pull in another fish or two to finish out their allotments.

Wicked Tuna shows the rawness of the occupation. The camera crews do a great job getting in there and showing audiences how everything happens. So, fans should get ready as the big season finale approaches. Catch up with all the news about the show with us here at Outsider, ahead of time.