‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Dave Carraro Names the Most Surprising Thing About Show’s Success

by Keeli Parkey

Some people who have become reality television stars had becoming famous as their goal. So, that is why they decided to take part in their respective series.

On the other hand, some of these reality stars agreed to take part in their series for other reasons. One of these is “Wicked Tuna” star Dave Carraro. He became a television star without planning to be simply because – surprisingly – his show became a success.

The success of the popular National Geographic series caught – no pun intended – Carraro by surprise. He talked about this during a September 2021 interview with Discovery Gloucester. Based on what he had to say during the interview, this “Wicked Tuna” fisherman joined the reality television series without expectations that he would become famous.

In fact, the response to the show – and the popularity it brought him – really surprised the now-famous fisherman. It turns out that fans of the show have even been waiting on Dave Carraro and his team as they have docked their ship and arrived home.

“Never at any point in my life did I think that I’d come in from fishing and have people on the dock waiting to say hello or have someone approach me in a restroom asking to take a picture of me!” the “Wicked Tuna” star shared.

‘I Never Could Have Seen This Coming’ Said Dave Carraro of ‘Wicked Tuna’ Fame

Being celebrated for his job as a commercial fisherman is still surprising to Carraro. “The fame for catching a fish and being on TV—I never could have seen this coming,” the famous fisherman also said.

Dave Carraro has also been surprised by one fan group in particular. “And the kids! Kids love the show, they approach me with a nervous energy … I feel like a superhero when I’m around children … and they always ask the coolest questions,” the Wicked Tuna star also said.

So, why does Carraro believe “Wicked Tuna” has become a popular show with viewers of all ages? It’s as simple as the fact that many viewers are not at all familiar with how the fishermen of “Wicked Tuna” live.

“Most people who watch the show are landlocked and haven’t heard of a bluefin tuna, that a fish of this size and power even existed. That’s the feedback I get from fans. So to watch us catch these fish on a small rod and reel, people are just so impressed that we catch such big fish on small tackle. And the money that can be made and lost over just one fish. You can hit the jackpot on that one great ‘catch.’

“Fans love the competition between the boats. They all have favorite boats like people have a favorite sports team,” Dave Carraro also explained.