‘Wicked Tuna’: Will Captain Dave Marciano Ever Retire from Fishing?

by Joe Rutland

He’s had his fair share of success out catching tuna. So, is “Wicked Tuna” Captain Dave Marciano ready to hang it up and retire?

That question, Outsiders, was raised to him in an interview with Fox News.

“I don’t know if I truly ever will retire but it would be great to get to a point in my life when I could go fishing when I want to, not because I have to,” Marciano said.

Now the “Wicked Tuna” star has been a part of the National Geographic Channel show in two different time periods. Marciano is an OG of the show as he goes back to the show’s first season in 2012. That is the first time they appear on TV. They were going out to catch bluefin tuna off the coast from Gloucester, Mass.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Keeps Finishing Among Tops For Season-Ending Catches

He was on there through the first seven seasons. Marciano left for a bit but returned in the 10th season and has been on there ever since.

Oh, he’s still the captain of FV Hard Merchandise, his fishing vessel. Marciano won the overall competition in the fourth season of “Wicked Tuna.” He finished as the runner-up in the first, third, and 10th seasons.

Obviously, the captains and their crews deserve some time off after working so hard in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

What does that look like for the “Wicked Tuna” cast? Marciano offered some insights in a 2013 interview with Yahoo! TV.

“There’s a lot of days where we don’t see much action,” he said. Those slow periods are cut out of episodes.

Captain Stays Very Aware Of His Family, Doesn’t Spend All Of His Time On Water

“That’s where they really create the entertainment – if you saw how it really was, the fishery itself would be as exciting as watching grass grow,” Marciano said. ” … With the editing, you’re seeing the consolidating of the epic highs and the epic lows.”

He’s also conscientious about his family and their needs. Some of the other captains can stay out in the sea and fish for longer periods of time. Marciano talked about that, too, with Yahoo! TV.

“At the same time, that’s where I feel I have a disadvantage with the other skippers,” he said. “Tyler (McLaughlin) is young, he’s a go-getter, he’s hungry, he’s literally got no reason to come home at all.”

The “Wicked Tuna” captain adds that fishermen like McLaughlin follow the “turn and burn” pattern. It means that McLaughlin can just put more fuel and ice on his boat and never step off it.

So, Outsiders, you can tune in and see him and other “Wicked Tuna” captains and crews working hard for their keep.