Will ‘Blue Bloods’ Get a 13th Season?

by Shelby Scott
Photo by CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Season 12 of “Blue Bloods” has seen some impressive ratings, consistently topping a viewership total of more than 5 million. That said, as “Blue Bloods” aired its final episode for 2021 on December 10th, fans anxiously await its January 7th return. Additionally, as we’re about halfway through the hit CBS show’s 12th season, Outsiders have begun to wonder whether “Blue Bloods” will see season 13.

As always, Redditors had their own thoughts regarding “Blue Bloods” season 13 renewal.

One “Blue Bloods” fan wrote of their hopes that Tom Selleck and his co-stars return for season 13. “My favorite show on television,” they concluded.

Another Reddit user wrote, “Best show on TV! Hope [it gets renewed]!”

Fortunately, “Blue Bloods” fans appear to be in luck. For now, CBS and “Blue Bloods” showrunners have not officially confirmed the return of the hit show’s 13th season.

However, Distractify states that while the show has not seen an official renewal, there aren’t any real doubts regarding the return of the show’s 13th season, especially as “Blue Bloods” boasts “many moving parts” behind the scenes.

What Should ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Expect When Season 12 Returns?

For now, Outsiders continue to await news regarding the official renewal of “Blue Bloods” 13th season. However, simultaneously, we’re also left wondering at the state of things on the hit show as it doesn’t return until January 7th, almost a month from now.

In reality, we don’t have too long to wait until we see the “Firewall” cliffhangers concluded. But the upcoming holidays do make the break seem that much longer.

That said, the next brand new episode, entitled “Old Friends,” plans to put a focus on Jamie. According to the episode’s synopsis, “Jamie makes a concerning discovery about a former mentor as he helps a neighbor handle a gambling debt.”

For now, we remain uncertain as to who this mysterious mentor is, what Jamie’s discovery consists of, or how the “Blue Bloods” character will handle the secret.

Fans Ticked About Show’s Handling of Baez Shooting

While we anxiously wait to learn more about Jamie’s mentor, fans are still ticked at Danny and Baez’s rookie mistake that took place on the December 10th episode, “Firewall.”

Essentially, a suspect escapes and in pursuing them, Baez gets grazed by a bullet. While Danny was able to get Baez to the hospital in time, fans had a load of questions and reactions to unload on “Blue Bloods” following the incident.

“Baez Better Be Ok. So upset right now,” wrote one fan. Another worried Baez’s confrontation with the shooter might signify her leave from the show. “Baez is not leaving the show, is she?” they wrote.

Still others are confused as to why Danny and Baez didn’t take standard law enforcement protection measures. “Why don’t y’all wear [a] vest!!!!!” wrote another fan, referencing the bullet-proof vests law enforcement officers typically don while on duty. “Baez better be alright,” they concluded.