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‘Blue Bloods’: Will There Be a New Episode on Black Friday?

by Megan Molseed
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Many people bounce out of bed mighty early to catch some Black Friday shopping. Of course, this also means that a lot of these eager shoppers are ready to hit the hay fairly early later that evening. Especially after spending much of the morning catching some steals and deals at some of their favorite retail businesses. And, CBS seems to be well aware of this. The popular broadcasting network has opted to hold the latest Blue Bloods episodes until after the holiday weekend.

This change does make perfect sense. However, it is certainly a bit of a bummer for fans of the show. Especially those who are eager to see what our favorite Blue Bloods characters are up to.

Fans Can Expect Thier Favorite Detectives To Return Right After The Holiday

Thankfully, though, this will only be a brief hiatus for the popular CBS police procedural drama. Blue Bloods will be returning to the airwaves the following week airing Reality Check, the ninth episode of the drama’s twelfth season, on Friday, December 10.

However, because of this brief hiatus, Blue Bloods fans will likely have to wait a little longer before a synopsis of this new episode.

So far, all that we know about the newest episode is the title of the next episode, Reality Check.

Usually, fans can catch their first glimpse of a new Blue Bloods episode shortly after the newest episode airs. However, since it will be a full two weeks before Reality Check hits the airwaves, chances are the latest promos will be released over the next week.

‘Blue Bloods’ May Be Heading For A Brief Holiday Break

Of course, with the holidays fast approaching, many of our favorite television dramas are headed into some type of hiatus.

Thankfully, the Blue Bloods Thanksgiving weekend hiatus is going to be an incredibly brief one.

But, what can fans of the popular series expect going forward, after the December 10 episode premieres? Will the newest Blue Bloods episodes continue to air after this post-Thanksgiving return?

According to Matt & Jess, it is very likely that Blue Bloods fans can expect to see the series take a bit of a break in airing brand-new episodes for the rest of 2021 after the December 10 premiere.

It’s not unusual that networks such as CBS hold off on airing new episodes of some of our favorite dramas as the Christmas holiday season approaches. Especially during the weekend nights during the Christmas season.