William Shatner Involved in LA Car Crash

by Maggie Schneider

“Star Trek’s” own William Shatner was involved in a car accident Tuesday in Los Angeles. Thankfully, nobody looks to be injured.

It’s a bad start to the week for Captain Kirk. Actor William Shatner was involved in a car wreck with severe damage done to his car. Pictures of the scene show the hood of Shatner’s black Mercedes SUV crumpled on its right side. An Acura Sedan is also in a similar position on the side of the road. There is a woman behind the vehicle. Her Acura is crushed down to the pavement and was also pointing at a weird angle. No other parties were involved in the crash.

Luckily, neither Shatner nor the woman was taken to the hospital. The “Star Trek” actor was quick to check on the woman after the crash and also called the cops immediately. The drivers gave each other their information and went on their way. While we are not sure how exactly the crash occurred, we are happy that everyone is uninjured.

William Shatner: Curious About Space Travel

William Shatner flew to space via a Blue Origin Flight back in October. The experience was life-changing. Now, the 90-year old actor is the oldest person to ever go to space. This also makes him excited about the evolution of space travel. For instance, he hopes more solar energy discoveries allow for better conservation of Earth.

“If we can get this industry up into space, put the industry up there, we have to go through all these steps. If we can just have people working in space, and get the polluting industries up there, sending the electricity back down. We can use that power without polluting the planet, all because we started with Gagarin.’”

While some call his Blue Origin flight into space a “publicity stunt,” Shatner says that he just wants to honor the planet.

“[The Earth] is precious,” he also says. “People should honor if not worship the Earth and its beauty.”

According to Inverse, the whole experience gives Shatner a more grounded outlook on life.

“I don’t wanna sound like the wise old man, but I’m so cognizant of how I know that nobody knows anything. Especially me. I know nothing, but I’m filled with curiosity. All the clichés are there because they’re true. What we know more of now is exactly how small the Earth is.”

Fans of Shatner can also watch this flight to space in a new Amazon special. “Shatner In Space” is now available to stream in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. It features an hour of footage from the actor’s out-of-this-world journey.

“This special documenting my journey gives a dramatic view of that experience, and my hope is that it inspires the world to see we must go to space to save Earth.”