Wolf Van Halen Dismisses Van Halen Tour Shirts as Fake

by Madison Miller

Hey, don’t believe everything you read or see on the internet. Grammy-nominated artist Wolf Van Halen is begging you not to.

If you’re active on the rock and heavy metal music scene on social media, you may have seen a picture recently that was completely fabricated. There was an image going around of a shirt for one of Van Halen’s proposed 2019 tours.

Fake Van Halen Shirts

It all goes back to November 2020. At the time, late legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen had suggested what he called a “kitchen sink” Van Halen tour. This would include a variety of past and present band members of the popular heavy metal group. Micahel Anthony would return on bass, vocal turns would come from Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth, and even Gary Cherone would pop by for a visit.

He was featured on one of the band’s albums from 1988, “Van Halen III,” which had less-than-stellar reviews.

Now, according to BlabberMouth, a Montreal radio personality named Jeremy White shared the original photo that is circulating on social media. It’s a shirt that he claims was once intended for that “kitchen sink” tour that never actually happened.

He tweeted out, “that only a few venues had approval to print some shirts & this would have been in Chicago at Wrigley Field on 07/04/2019.” The shirt also had some supporting acts listed as well. That includes the Foo FIghter, Jason Aldean, and Weezer. The most confusing, however, was the fact that Mammoth WVH was listed as well.

Wolf Van Halen started his own band called Mammoth WVH just last year after Van Halen officially disbanded and his father sadly passed. That means his one-man band didn’t even exist officially yet in 2019, but I guess was available for a fake tour.

Wolf Van Halen Calls Out Fake Shirts

Of course, Wolf Van Halen responded to this entire situation. He is known for his commentary on social media after all and never holds back his opinions.

He said the shirt was, “painfully fake. Said this a year ago when somebody made this the day after my Howard Stern interview when the kitchen sink tour was first talked about.”

He went on to say in another separate tweet, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, because that shirt is complete horsesh**. Whoever made that is a weird fuc**** person. Just… why. It even looks stupid. Just such a poorly designed shirt. Also we didn’t even have a final official design for the MAMMOTH logo at that time, so yeah.”

The shirt is likely just a product of people dreaming of what could have been. If this kitchen sink tour happened, it would have been the first time the original group performed together since 1984. This all started when Roth had hinted that Van Halen could possibly add Anthony back into the lineup, although there was a bit of a falling out with them all.

If you’re itching for a tour, Wolf Van Halen does have one planned. He will join Dirty Honey for a co-headlining 2022 North America tour for 30 days. The tour is supposed to start in late January as of now. You can purchase tickets on Ticketmaster. The “Young Guns Tour” will start in Philadelphia on January 18.