Wolf Van Halen Opens Up About a Year That Left Him at a ‘Loss for Words’

by Liz Holland

Wolf Van Halen joined the masses in saying goodbye to 2021 on social media. The 30-year-old bassist hopped on Instagram to share some of his favorite snaps from the last 12 months, and to say a proper farewell to a very unique year.

He wrote in his post, “2021 was a huge and emotional year for me. Some good, some bad, but g*****n am I thankful for so much that happened. I’m honestly at a loss for words, because I don’t know how to properly convey just how important this year has been to me. All I can say is: Thank you. Be well, be safe, and I’ll see ya in ‘22.”

Van Halen certainly had a huge year in 2021. His band, Mammoth WVH, earned a Grammy nomination. His band also booked the “Young Guns Tour” alongside Dirty Honey for 2022. The tour hits the road in January, so the year is off to a rock and roll start for Van Halen. 

Wolf Van Halen Has a Big Year Ahead

After spending months touring alongside rock icons Guns’N’Roses, Van Halen recently shared in an interview with PEOPLE about onstage habits he’s noticed. Even if it’s unintentional, Van Halen says he’s noticed his performance style has a lot of parallels with his iconic father, Eddie Van Halen’s, style.

“I just go up there and be myself,” Wolf Van Halen says. “There’s been a handful of moments though, where I’ve done something, and then I realize like, ‘Oh s—, dad used to do that all the time on stage,'” he says. “And I realized maybe the way he moved or the way he smiled when he played something, I was like, ‘Oh, f—, he would do that all the time.’ And it’s like, I couldn’t even control it. It just happens. It’s pretty funny.”

This year we’ll see Van Halen’s band, Mammoth WVH co-headline a tour with Marc LaBelle’s band, dirty honey. According to Van Halen, the tour just “made sense.”

“Our tours crossed paths over the summer, and so we did sort of a test show in South Carolina and it went extremely well,” he explains. “And I think musically, it was a really good match. And obviously, we’re of the same generation, which is unique in this era of rock and roll. It seemed like a match made in heaven for a tour to take out in the early part of 2022.”

Rock’N’Roll Is Alive and Well

Van Halen and LaBelle both agree that their music is meant to prove something. It’s to show that rock and roll is far from dead, and the genre still has a ton of life to be lived. While some seem to think the genre isn’t what it used to be, this pair intends to show them otherwise. Marc Labelle says, “It’s definitely a viable genre and it expresses a range of emotions, which I don’t necessarily think other genres do. I think rock and roll encompasses anger, sex, love, loss and excitement. There’s room to grow on those ideas and we’re just looking to introduce it to our generation as a… I mean, it’s f—in’ cool, there’s no doubt about it.”