You Could Own a Porsche KISS Front Man Gene Simmons Almost Puked In

by Maggie Schneider

You could “Rock and Roll All Nite” in 1987 Porsche up for auction by Nile Rodgers. It is a piece of KISS history.

Rockstars ride in cool cars, it’s a fact. American guitarist Nile Rodgers is auctioning off one of his vintage automobiles for charity, and it has a story.

The car is a 1987 Porsche 930 Targa Turbo “Flachbau.” The rare sports car is coated in black glossy paint and is expected to sell for up to $200,000, according to Page Six. According to Rodgers, KISS member Gene Simmons almost puked in the vehicle. He tells the story in an interview with actress Bevy Smith. An inside source retells the story.

“He said he was driving [Simmons] in the car, and he started to get sick from [the car’s] speed, so he pulled over on the Garden State [Parkway in New Jersey] just in time for him to upchuck on the road. Everyone thought it was hysterical,” the source says.

Nile also teases fans with the story in his latest Instagram post.

“I’m telling the story of taking my friend @genesimmons for a ride in my @porsche 87 factory slantnose turbo and he barfed! @anthonymasoncbs is crying,” Rodgers writes.

Rodger’s auction begins today in New York City. All proceeds are going to the We Are Family Foundation, which is run by the guitarist himself. The non-profit teams up with schools all over the world to promote world peace through music.

Rodger’s Porsche is one of 140 lots featured in the auction. Fans wonder who will take home the historic car.

KISS Museum Headed to Vegas?

Gene Simmons hints at the possibility of a KISS Museum heading to Las Vegas. In an interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal, Simmons expects a collection of his band’s memorabilia to be on display. It will be located at the Rio Hotel and Casino, where the KISS by Monster Mini Golf attraction is stationed.

“We have three tractor-trailers full of stuff, and it’s going to be spectacular,” Simmons says. “The fans are going to dig it. You can play golf, you can have your photo taken, you can take videos of yourself onstage with KISS, and then go visit my private collection.”

This memorabilia will include instruments, costumes, tour props, and more. According to Simmons, the collection is 50 years in the making. He also hopes that KISS will be able to reschedule their Las Vegas residency for when the Vegas show schedule dies down.

“With all due respect to other all the other artists who are terrific, and who are great and iconic, we’d rather wait for the traffic to die down and bring the best show on Earth, period,” he says.