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Axe Sharpener Review: How To Sharpen an Axe or Machete With Smith’s 50582

by Clayton Edwards

Honing the edge of your daily-carry knife or your favorite kitchen blade is one thing. But, when it comes time to sharpen bigger blades, that sharpening stone you use for everything else may not cut it. At best, sharpening an axe or machete on your normal stone is going to be time-consuming. Luckily, there’s Smith’s 50582 Axe and Machete Sharpener. It makes refining the edges on your biggest blades a breeze.

For some tips and thoughts on Smith’s 50582, check out the video from Destin Noak, aka TexasGardenGuy. He’s a Texas native, an Air Force veteran, and a certified Outsider. More importantly, Noak is the go-to guy for all of the information you need to make your backyard garden thrive.

Smith’s 50582 Axe & Machete Sharpener

As Noak points out in the video above, Smith’s 5082 resembles the handheld sharpeners you might find in a kitchen drawer. However, this one is big, beefy, and ready to handle your most rugged blades. The hard plastic construction makes the sharpener durable. At the same time, it’s only as big as it needs to be. As a result, you can toss it in your truck or carry it in your backpack for when you need it the most.

Smith designed the 50582 for safety. A wide and hefty guard keeps your fingers safely away from the cutting edge of whatever you’re sharpening. Additionally, it’s big enough that you should be able to wear a pair of gloves for added safety.

The Smith 50582 delivers all of those features for a great price. You can pick one up on Amazon for about ten bucks. That’s hard to beat.

TexasGardenGuy’s Thoughts on the Sharpener

Right off the bat, Destin shows us how safe Smith’s 50582 is to use. He sharpens an axe and a machete on the 50582 without gloves. “I’m a ‘Do as I say not as I do’ guy,” he says. Then, urges his viewers to wear safety glasses and gloves while using the sharpener.

We also see how easy the Smith 50582 is to use in the video. Just like those sharpeners you’ll find in the kitchen, just guide the edge through the sharpener a few times and you’re good to go. Additionally, we can see one of the coolest features of this tool – the small wire brush attached to the handle. That brush allows you to fully clean whatever blade you’re sharpening. It’s also great for brushing away any burrs that form on the edge.

The only real downside to the Smith 50582 is that it will only get a blade so sharp. “Is this something that’s going to give a razor-sharp edge? Probably not,” Destin says in the video. “It’s probably more for refining edges.”

He goes on to add, “It’s something you could throw in your backpack and kind of sharpen stuff out in the field.”

The official Outsider grade on the Smith 50582 Axe & Machete Sharpener is a solid 7.6/10. It’s easy to use, durable, safe, works great on machetes and axes, and comes at a great price. However, if you’re looking to shave or split hairs with your big blades, this isn’t the sharpener for you.