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Outsider Categories

Outdoors: viral videos, national and state parks, camping and weather

Entertainment: Yellowstone, country music, news from Middle America

Sports: NFL, NASCAR and CFB

Sip: Tequila, Whiskey/Bourbon

Backyard: Grilling

Outsider Coverage

Original: our editorial team extracts the biggest and best key points in today’s entertainment, sports, outdoors and drink news and builds original content around these focused lanes.

Social: Outsider social media coverage is an extension of the editorial content on the website as another medium of sharing the news and information given in the written articles. It is also the largest distribution of our written content as a way to share links to the masses in order to inform, entertain and engage the audience. Outsider’s social media aims to deliver entertainment news, lifestyle category expertise, and original shows with Outsider talent to its followers.

Employee Social Media Expectations: Outsider employees on social media represent their personal beliefs and non-Outsider-related posts are not a reflection of the company. While these are personal accounts, employees are expected to use social media as a way to interact with the extended Outsider audience in a respectful way and online harassment will not be tolerated.

Sourced and Curated: Outsider reports daily on key real-time moments in our categories that includes news from established sources in online media.


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Article Length and Images

Outsider articles that are sourced from other outlets are 400-450 words. Original editorial content produced in-house ranges between 800-2,000 words per article.

All Outsider images on-site are sourced from our paid Getty account. This information is sourced in each photo’s metadata.

Editing and Metadata

Every article is reviewed for accuracy, copy and proper citation. Citations are shown with link backs to the original source. Each article’s metadata is also edited to ensure all search descriptions and headlines are accurate and optimized.

Submit Feedback

You can submit editorial feedback to [email protected]