‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Reflects on ‘Terrifying’ Experience Singing Super Bowl National Anthem

by Amy Myers

On 1883, Faith Hill nails her every line as Margaret Dutton, but there was a time when she forgot the words to a very important performance – singing the National Anthem.

As shocked as you are that the country icon could forget such a memorable song, Hill was just as surprised. In fact, the singer and 1883 star still remembers that frightening moment. In a recent appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, she recounted her experience on the field in 2000 when the Tennessee Titans went up against the St. Louis Rams.

“Singing the national anthem for the Super Bowl was terrifying,” she explained. “However, when I sang it, the Tennessee Titans happened to make it to the Super Bowl that same year. And I had accepted the honor, I was asked, and I said, ‘Oh, my gosh, yes.’ And I was like what did I just do? It’s terrifying.”

Faith Hill Once Forgot the Lyrics to the National Anthem.

Despite her nerves, the future 1883 star followed through on her promise and delivered an amazing performance before the big game. But there was another game in which Hill forgot the lyrics to the National Anthem. According to the singer-turned-actress, the pressure to properly deliver such an important song can be so great that they completely blank on the lyrics altogether.

“It’s one of those songs you know so well and you think I’ll never forget the lyrics. This happened to me before. It was at a playoff game many years prior. I was singing at a Dallas playoff game, the beginning of my career, and I was asked to sing the national anthem, playoff game,” she explained.

“And I’m walking out to the center of the field with this very generous guard, this woman that was walking me out, and I say to her, and this is televised, ‘Would you happen to know just the first word of the National Anthem?'” she continued.

‘1883’ Star Takes a Huge Risk on Super Bowl Field

As panic set in, the future 1883 star decided to call an audible of her own and sang a completely different song altogether.

“I’m just going to sing ‘Amazing Grace,’ because they’ll forgive me for that,” she said. 

The song choice was a solid move. After all, if there’s one song that most Americans know that doesn’t have to do with the country, it’s “Amazing Grace.”

And, as Hill predicted, no one was terribly unhappy about the change.

Now, with Super Bowl LVI around the corner, fellow country star Mickey Guyton is prepping for her turn on the national stage. Hill, herself, has expressed her full faith in the artist.

“I am such a huge fan and supporter and she is going to slay it,” Hill concluded.

The 1883 star even gave Guyton a crucial tip before the big game.

“Mickey, the first word is ‘Oh,’” Hill said.