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2020 ACM Awards: Two Win ‘Entertainer of the Year’ & Fans Aren’t Happy

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by John Shearer/ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM)

At Wednesday’s Academy of Country Music Awards, Carrie Underwood and Thomas Rhett were awarded the first-ever tie for ‘Entertainer of the Year.’ Fans are celebrating the individuals via social media, but the main reaction to the dual-win is frustration. Twitter users are firing away at the ACM’s for awarding two winners.

ACM Awards Voting: Is A Tie Even Possible?

The ACM’s 2020 Awards Criteria and Policy packet explains the voting procedures step by step. All members of the Academy vote in the first round for one artist in each category. “The Top 20 submissions will be presented for review to the Board to ensure the submissions meet all eligibility criteria. The Top 20 submissions must also have achieved a minimum of 2% or more of the vote within the respective category,” the policy explains about the top twenty that move onto round two. In round two of voting, members may vote for up to two performers in each category. The top five from round two appear on the final ballot. The final ballot has most-highly voted upon singers in each category and members may vote for one winner.

So while rare, it is possible a tie may occur after the three rounds of voting. The artist with the highest votes is obviously the winner, but the 2020 Awards Criteria and Policy clarifies, “In the case of a tie, all winners will receive an award.”

Thomas Rhett and Carrie Underwood Share The Honor

Keith Urban had the pleasure of announcing the historic tie for Entertainer of the Year to Underwood and Rhett. They were both full of joy with the show’s top honor. “Keith, what is happening right now,” says Rhett as he held the well-earned trophy. Carrie Underwood couldn’t help at poke fun at the infamous year of 2020, giggling as she says, “2020, man.”


“I am more than happy to share this with Thomas Rhett and just to have my name mentioned with his,” Carrie Underwood adds about the honor of sharing the title.

Thomas Rhett posted following the awards his deep gratitude and shock with his growth in the past year. He adds he is “so honored to share this award with someone as unbelievable as Carrie Underwood.”


Twitter Users Slam ACM’s For The Tie

Many fans were furious about the shared honor. They took to Twitter to give their thoughts and fire away frustration at the Academy of Country Music. While the show included a tribute to women legends of country music, many felt the decision to give a male and female the Entertainer of the Year title was a display of gender issues in the industry.

Last night’s nod to women in country music was led by Carrie Underwood in celebration of the Grand Ole Opry’s 95th anniversary. Underwood introduced the legends and sings a medley of songs from the female icons.


While fans enjoyed the show’s tribute, the tie for Entertainer of the Year led many to be angry with perceived gender inequality in the music industry, country music in particular. Twitter users replied to the Academy’s post announcing the two winners in frustration.

One user wrote, “Seriously?!? “What are you gonna tell her?”… When you can’t have Entertainer of the year by yourself… and it needs to be shared with a man. Y’all know nobody compares to @carrieunderwood right now” Similarly, another says, “God forbid a woman wins entertainer of the year, right? You didn’t dare to take the award from her because you know that she is the one who deserves it the most this year, but you had to invent something to give the award to a man too.”

Some think Carrie Underwood deserves the award alone. One says, “Is it too hard to just let a female artist win the award alone? Seriously. What a joke #ACMs

Although others are simply mad that two performers won. One user thinks the ACM’s promote a “loser mentality” by ending the top honor in a tie. The post says, “ACM Awards with a TIE for Entertainer of the Year?! Participation trophy generation at its finest. Next up will be a World Series tie where both teams win! Loser mentality”

Another gave a sports allusion to illustrate their frustration with a tie. The award is the highest honor, so there should be a single winner they reason, giving major sporting events as examples. “I just don’t understand why they didn’t have another round of voting where people chose between Carrie and Thomas Rhett. Imagine the Super Bowl or a World Series game ending in a tie,” they write.

Meanwhile. others did extend congratulations to the two winners. Singer Dustin Lynch writes of Thomas Rhett’s Instagram, “So proud of you bro! 💪🏽” Many others continue to add on both singers’ platforms that the title is well-deserved by both.